Girl's can you help me figure out what sign is campatible with Capricorn?

I want to know how compatible Capricorn is to the sign of Gemini. What are the up's and down's on that? Do the love relationships work between them? Why or why not?

Asked By: hahnleticia
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Answered By: sparkie

try myspace

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Answered By: zati_dy

Ohh..i am a capricorn n as far as im concerned, capricorns r not sure abt geminis tho.and sorry,i dont compare love relationships between stars.
love happens.if ure sincere w each other.

Answered By: sparky2003

I am a Capicorn and my b/f is a Gemini and we get along fantastic! We have been told that we are so perfect for each other. Our out look on life and love are pratically indentical!We are secure in our relationship.

Answered By: voyagernj

Capricorn's match up with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio. Gemini maybe to dualistic for Capricorn after awhile.

Answered By: golaicecream


Answered By: nisha_again

well with gemini you will share a beneficial will be powerfully drawn towards case of love relationships you will have irrestible sexual will be attracted to each other through shared some way both gemini and capricorn will benefit from each other and will always remain loyal to each other.

other signs that are compatible with capricorn are:
1.leo - beneficial association
2. scorpio and pisces - favourable association
3.aquarious - compatible association
4.cancer,taurus and virgo - ideal association

Answered By: cynt


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