Gemini Men?

I keep hearing how Gemini males like virsatility. And I like that. But I have a question. I have chatted with one for over 6 months, and he keeps talking about our first date, and what we might do. I have changed senario's often, but he keeps bringing the converstaion back to our first date we are planning when he gets back to the states. He is in the military. Is this a good sign or bad, lol? Or is it his Rising Sign showing? Maybe his Rising Sign is Taurus, stedfast and stuborn. Always saying he want to keep me inline, never happen, lol. We are both 39.

I am a female Aries.

Asked By: Iam!!
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Answered By: Johnny 531

no-lo's right. Once we become attatched we like 1 girl to be with. Its a trust once we connect and are able to trust u its like night and day. Yes Gemini may be flirty and all over the place in the begining but once u connect and trust each other things can completely change.

You may need some patience with a gemini though. But having them will reward u later.

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Answered By: no-lo

I'm a gemini, in the complete sense of the word. Everything written about gemini's describe me completly. I can only speak for me and not all gemini's but we do like versatility as you put it. However, we also enjoy a routine. THis probably doesn't make about this as an example:

Gemini's like to stay home one night and go out partying, living it up the next. BUT, what we really like is being able to to always be with the same girl. Whether we're watching a movie at home or out partying we like being with the one girl.

Does this help?

Answered By: Lorenza L

two difeerent personality

Answered By: Gnostic Luv

Gemini's period are just that - 2 people. The men especially!!!
I speak out of experience. I am a Libra - the scales - I can handle almost anything. I can balance out the good and the bad. But Gemini's NO!!!! Please Be Careful - Approach With Care.

Answered By: loretta

good luck. I'm married to one. and he's argumentative. he can be selfish. I'd like to strangle him at times. Geminis of either sex are true to their sign. they can turn agents you in a minute. they are two faced people. something don't go their way they get mad. it can be like dealing with a kid.

Answered By: Meg

I would say it's a good sign if he's talking about your first date. You're obviously on his mind and he's probably really looking forward to spending some time with you. I just had a not so great experience with a Gemini guy, but I hope things will work out between you two. Best of Luck!

Answered By: Knowledge is Power!!!!!

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