What are the pros and cons of a Taurus girl and Capricorn guy relationship?

What are also the pros and cons of a Taurus girl and Virgo guy relationship???

Asked By: ~DJS~
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Answered By: John R

Taurus + Virgo

Earth + Earth = Solid Ground

This combination is considered elementally perfect, astrologically speaking. You are an earth sign ruled by Venus, and Virgo is also an earth sign, which means Virgo will complement you perfectly on many levels. There should be a very natural vibe between you.

For a start, the combination of earth and earth makes the practical nature of your relationship incredibly solid. This is no bad thing: it means that Virgo is fully aware of — and supports — your need for financial independence and material security.

On the other hand, you’ll have to put up with Virgo’s finickiness and perfectionism. They’ll want to analyse and dissect every little thing. This sort of constant mental gymnastics will tire you out, even though you essentially agree with what Virgo has to say.

Virgo will want you to talk and talk and talk — and listen and listen and listen! — so you may need to let them know that sometimes you prefer a bit of peace and quiet. A time with no intellectual exercise could seem weird to Virgo, the star sign with the ever-active mind.

Sometimes, Virgo may take a request for time-out as a personal insult, as an indication that you’re not committed to the relationship. This is not true, but to counteract it you may need to find other common interests. Show Virgo that talk doesn’t have to be the only thing you share.

Art, fashion, music and perhaps cooking could be wonderful joint ventures for you. They are all activities that will help highly strung Virgo relax and synchronise their pace with yours. A quieter, more relaxed pace will work wonders for them.

Because Virgo is the romantic sign for Taurus, the two of you will share lots of sexual pleasure — this relationship can work long term. This is an area that can make up for any other weaknesses in your relationship, as it will be satisfying for both of you.

Most Virgos will be attractive to you, and vice versa. Those born between 13 September and 22 September will echo your ideals and desires quite strongly. Your karmic sense is strong with these Virgos — you feel you’ve met or known each other before.

Those born between 24 August and 2 September are more playful, and have a lot to offer by way of sensual and sexual variety. You will enjoy great physical ease with them, and there don’t seem to be too many walls between you.

Those born between 3 September and 12 September are the most serious Virgos. They may think you are a bit of a wet blanket. They tend to be highly strung and volatile. If it’s only thrills and spills they’re after, you may have to show them the door pretty early on.

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Answered By: chilldude22

it really depends on the person, not when they were born......................

Answered By: karleysimon13

taurus girls will Always get there way...!

Answered By: Danny

A Capricorn is really a Sagittarius. A Taurus is really an Aries


Even if astrology was real (it isn't), they're reading the wrong signs. Enjoy the video.

Answered By: Helen R

This is an easy combo of two status-loving and traditional earth signs. Both signs love to work hard on the j-o-b, and sleep long on their days off. Practical, loyal and family-oriented, these signs usually end up in a no-joke relationship that's built to last. You'll have to step a little harder on the gas, though--since you're both so slow to make a move, somebody else could step in before you get it together.

Mirror, mirror on the wall--these image-conscious signs like to gaze at their reflections, shop, and spend hours making sure they look good in public. They may both have "classic" features, especially a finely chiseled jaw or distinctive chin. Ruthless when chasing an ambition, these signs may come across as a bit gruff or closed off. Neither of them likes change--slow and steady is how they win the race. With their great determination, they can usually be trusted to get the job done.

Answered By: cancer

Pros: you give it a try. Con: don't fall hard in the beginning. All you need is to try. Twelve sign can't represents 3 billions people. Things change. Twelve signs never change.

Answered By: Boomer Wisdom

1) I steadfastly refuse to believe in this Astrology crap. I'm a Taurus dude.

2) I have extreme respect for Taurus females. Taurus people, unlike some others, get along and respect one another. But I don't believe in any of this Astrology crap.

3) I'm supposed to like Scorpios, but none of those courtships with women worked out. That's why I steadfastly refuse to believe in any of this horoscope crap.

4) Been married 28 years to a Pisces. She's been very patient with me.

5) Supposedly, Taurus and Capricorns do well together, according to the net, but, as I said, I don't believe in any of this...ah...stuff.

6) Virgo's are very strange, but also have good ratings in combination with Taurus. But then...

7) Check out their Dunn & Bradstreet report. Their ability to control their finances are far more important than the day they were born.

Best wishes... (nor do I believe anything I have said, since I steadfastly refuse to believe in this stuff...except for the financial aspects...we Taurus folks are practical...)

Answered By: John Doe

I'm speechless. Well, Capricorns, according to the Astrological Signs of the Zodiac are loyal, a bit stubborn but honest and do not always speak up and can be a bit shy or a mystery. But generally, good worker and very loyal friend although the Capricorn can often lead others to think differently due to their cautious and somewhat shy but trustworthy friend. Generally, few close friends, but very close, and stays at bay from a large group/s of friends with moderate closeness.

As for me. the Zodiac Sign validity is questionable but I have been surprised at certain attributes that may be coincidental but hit the head of the nail with the hammer.

Answered By: *mushroom.gurl* 8S .

they're both earth signs and they're both represented by animals!!

lmao xD

so i guess they'd get along real well ;]

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