Aries Qualities and Characteristics

You are aggressive, the kind of person who takes problems by the headlocks. You are as fearless as the Gods and enthusiastic and fervent to the extreme. Your sex drive is very strong and you are quite aptly, extrovert. But the drawback is in terms of your egotism. Even though you are the leader in your peer group, you lack the wisdom required in a leader.

You might also show attributes of blunt and roguish behavior and lack of pragmatism while dealing with people. However, having strong emotions and being courageous and forceful, you forge your way ahead in precarious situations. So when a new endeavor is to be undertaken, you will be the crucial person. Your approach with opposite sex is altogether aggressive and straight-on, like your approach towards life itself. You have an exceptional exuberance and stamina, and this probably originates from your quality of being your own master, but this also leads to the lack of style and grace.

You don’t talk a lot or try to justify, you just assert your supremacy and work. Now you can decide for yourself how good this can be for your leadership. You are not very social, but you are quite helpful and even gullible. May be that is why people try to take undue advantage of you and even become successful.

Qualities that make you lucky are daring, full of life, impulsive, and plain philosophy. Qualities that hinder your success are intolerance, self-seeking, envy, and inflexibility.

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ravi (@ravi) : August 7th, 2007

good job yaarrrrr

bhavik (@bhavik) : September 2nd, 2007

the web site is awesome, i good amount of research is done in the field of astrology,good.
i am impressed

anu (@anu) : November 20th, 2007

this is the best i have come across so far.. great going

hema (@hema) : March 20th, 2008

Some personnal insight were very true, although too crude to my opinion because as you know I can be very brave and courageous but very very sensitive inside.

Lalit (@Lalit) : March 20th, 2008

It is very nice and totally same as my characterstics.

Unknown (@Unknown) : June 12th, 2009

Ya I have those same personality traits and a lot of people say im aggressive and very strong which is good and bad.

Randy (@Randy) : January 24th, 2010

“all is true… ive realy experience it.”

sop (@sop) : February 18th, 2010

not all true. you make us aries seem so mean. also, im a very social person, a social butterfly. im very sensetive and you make it seem like we have no feelings!

rupesh (@rupesh) : October 26th, 2010
Profile Photo

not so much

Bob (@Bob) : January 21st, 2011

I found most of the Aries Qualities and Characteristics to be the most accurate I’ve seen in a long time.

leeni (@leeni) : January 26th, 2011

it is good i know alot about my star

kevin anderson (@calazjahmin) : February 19th, 2011
Profile Photo

This site is correct, and very informative.

Brittney (@BrittneyTheAries93) : October 19th, 2014
Profile Photo

I have to agree with everyone here, this is very accurate! I love the fact that you threw in that Aries have a tendancy to be a tad bit gullible, I often find myself looking at people and asking myself or them “…are you messing with me…?” or they have to tell me “I’m just joking!” and even then “I don’t know!”, then about having very high sex drives and falling in love almost instantly, as if we are almost too trusting. Aries have big hearts, big mouths and big egos! I really do enjoy this because it’s equally balanced and very accurate.

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