Cancer Qualities and Characteristics

  1. Profile photo of Rwandan
    Rwandan October 25th, 2015

    want to know about my future and also have a cimplicated relationship

  2. Profile photo of Cancer0715
    Cancer0715 March 9th, 2014

    Yes this is so true….. WOW…

  3. hollerrrback May 24th, 2010

    Why do so many insecure people ask silly questions on this site?

  4. Pankaj Prasoon April 1st, 2008

    crisp and to the point.

  5. swayam December 25th, 2007

    awesome stuff man; evrything is true abt me

  6. hegina September 30th, 2007

    so true..thnks alot..

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