Capricorn Qualities and Characteristics

Being a Capricornian, you tend to quite introvert and reserved, and at the same time hard and sturdy in terms your personality. You make your way to your destination with slow and steady pace. You have a strength of character and your ambition is something that you wont be willing to part at any cost.

You are quite systematic and have a tremendous verve that you exhibit in everything you do. Your narcissistic approach towards life can get really unnerving for your mate and friends. You might also be restricted and misfortunes may come your way at various points, but this will make all the more strong and patient. You also tend to become orthodox and conventional at times, losing your broad-mindedness. While negotiating, you just cant believe someone until you have scrutinized the situation thoroughly, and you tend to lose out on a lot of effort and fun in this process.

You are symbolic of authority and industriousness and these qualities are bound to increase your earnings greatly. But refrain from getting into the rat-race for money and power, lest you lose out on the more important things in life. Your unemotional and too professional approach and your reticence towards your colleagues at gatherings will not help your fortune.

Qualities that make you lucky are common sense, steadfast, cooperative, and hardworking. Qualities that hinder your success are distrust, selfish, pessimistic, and conventional philosophy.

Jim Carrey, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Dido Armstrong, Nicolas Cage; we know them as famous people with sun in Capricorn.

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surabhi konwar ( : October 17th, 2011
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I am a capricorn,my DOB is 29th dec,1992.I want to know about my higher education,career and marriage.

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