Gemini Career and Money

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  1. Profile photo of Jamoyek07
    Jamoyek07 September 12th, 2014

    As for me, I think geminis are meant for other world. I am an African, in Nigeria (Lagos state precisely). I have tried just anything to be successful in my financial world but just more troubles instead!
    I believe in communications and I am just crazy about visiting every kilometre on the surface of the earth….But no money. Some claim its just not right time, but am about 40!!!
    Meanwhile, Gemini is always not well understood by all, that is my contribution.

  2. Profile photo of Phillygem526
    Phillygem526 September 3rd, 2013

    This is a Gemini descirbed perfectly. I’m in a job, where I’m not liking it anymore and it’s stale. I work for a big company and it’s like being pinned down. When my opinion is asked, I give it and sometimes I get sideway looks or get shut down (when my suggestions/opinions make sense). When my opinion is asked for and I don’t say, they want to ping me until I talk…so which is it??? At the same time, they want me to move up in the company and I don’t want to. I said “Why do you want someone that’s so against the grain?” (LOL some of the stuff I said OMG man people wanted my head on a platter but I was honest and spoke to the truth and said what people where thinking. I’m not scared to speak up at approriate times and my work is EXCELLENT…no write ups ever in 10 years etc). Someone said they need people like you, with your thinking and drive because you can make a difference and you bring something different to the table than the average worker who will just go along with it. I don’t pull a “Kayne” (like he did with Taylor Swift, I WOULD NEVER DO THAT EVER), but my mind is spoken and the point comes across. It is what it is.  

  3. Profile photo of
    ebicson December 12th, 2011

    is this real?

  4. Samir November 14th, 2009

    As i read about my own star sign “Gemini” and discovered truth because the statement is same every where. however, i tried much to participate in many professions to get success and still looking for right way and can stay on once. right now i am fully decided to be a Car designer as i have dreamed for this profession please advise if i span my half life in this profession does it suits according to my star or no?

  5. ajitkumarpanigrahi December 22nd, 2008

    my horoscope Bichalagna 1.rahu 7.ketu 8.sukra,sani,chandra,budha 9.surya,mangala. last 5 years I do small business couldnot get successyet. I would to know either continue business or search private job . please give me perfect sugestion. which planet creat probleming suppose I do bussiness which is business is suitable for me.

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