Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

Cancer Weekly Love horoscope for period November 21, 2015 to November 27, 2015

Take this time to resort things in your life. Whether it is catching up on bills, getting things in order or putting the finishing touches on a project you’ve been picking at. Romance isn’t necessarily in the works as you need to tidy up your life right now. Perhaps it is best to keep your desire for love on hold for now.

While tidying up things in your life, it is also a good time to make that appointment for a health check up, buy those extra vitamins and try finding ways to improve the little things in your life. It will all make a big impact on the overall picture for you, making things more attractive for you and about you for the ones around you. Then, perhaps that romance in the works will fall better into place for you when it comes time to pursue it further.

Your heightened concentration will be good this week for doing so. Get things done, dot your i’s and cross your t’s. The ones closest to you will take notice and follow suit. Be careful in over extending yourself however. Too much work makes for too much stress and that is counter productive.

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amber (@amber) : February 2nd, 2010

why do the weekly horoscope for cancer always sound the same????

hollerrr (@hollerrr) : June 28th, 2010

Can Ask the Oracle please get a real astrologer to answer questions? I am so tired of these juvenile popularity contests that have no astrological value.

Amber (@Amber) : January 23rd, 2011

Why are the horoscopes being reused….this one is old. I remember reading it before.

Christina (@Christina) : February 28th, 2011

I agree with Amber. This past month I have read alot of reused horoscopes or repeats. Sometimes a horoscope I read for Cancer shows up a day or two later for another sign. About to refer to another site I think for insight.

Nathan k. (@Nathan k.) : April 12th, 2011

I might as well read a fortune cookie with this generic style of astrology.

Brittany (@Briarei) : May 8th, 2011
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I agree 100% with everyone’s comment…

Chandrika286 (@Chandrika286) : January 4th, 2015
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I also feel same.

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