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All Leos of the world can be described using one metaphor – the sun. They want to be a sun giving out light and warmth to the whole world, and to see everyone in their circles thriving in or at least benefitting from their radiance. One other important thing needs to understand is that Leo is the sign of extremities.

People of this Leo sun sign innately want to lead and be a master, but for those they adore and revere, they are ready to become slaves. They are very well organized and do things just the way they ought to be done, but it is also true that they are much better at organizing and systematizing others’ lives than their own. This trait of theirs sometimes borders on bossiness. But all this effort to improve another person’s life comes with an unnatural amount of warmth, kindly encouragement and a promise for help without having to ask, whenever it is needed.

The other thing about Leos is their creative streak – they possess some talent that hardly anyone around them is good at. But they can also be influenced very easily, and are prone to losing out against nagging criticism. They therefore have a great need to be encouraged and shown the right way. In friendships, Leos are very generous and caring, but may also get a little carried away and shower their affections on the wrong person. The same happens in case of love interests, but if the other person is the right one, he/she will find no derth of kindness and generosity.

Leos are very passionate and very faithful partners, but the problem is their extremely sensitive nature. And this sensitivity is on most occasions eclipsed by their influential and bossy exteriors. So it’s quite possible that their partner may have hurt them in something he/she says without his/her even realizing it. That’s why living with a Leo takes some getting used to.

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    cuddlebun June 18th, 2014

    This was very me but i learn to adapt others trait. Since i always gets hurt being so generous and helpful, i kept asking myself whats wrong with me why this thing or that thing happened. Why do people i cared for tend to abuse my kindness? Why do they cheat on me? Why do I always have to be one to give and not to take specially with my family and friends.I would even die for a friend and family to protect them, by their side and fight for them even if it will cause me my life.
    Now i constantly remind myself not to get involve too much, not to give unsolicited advice out of concern. Not to extend help as much as possible if not being ask to. I normally earn a lot out of hardwork and working smart but no savings and properties. Unlike my sibling and friends whom i help out they get more than what i supposed to have. I sacrifice almost everything I have just be able to helpout and to give to them but in the end what do I get in return. NOTHING. Not even an appreciation for everthing i’ve done for them. not even a single ‘thank you’. And as if I never even once gave them any favor. I learn a lesson during my downfall when i didn’t have income and my hubby got ill. No single relatives nor friends was even concern and they start to talk bad about me. but now that i financially recover they all come back to me asking for help again. oh! oh! where are they when i needed them. But as a typical Leo I extend help until now but not as like its draining me out o fmy last penny like what i used to be. i hardened my feeling. sometimes i would say i have none. Unless its a matter of life and death then i could not say no. i learn to balance whether i will give or not not only financially but also getting involve with others affair. 

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    Silex January 7th, 2014

    I’maLeo and this is decently accurate. Granted, I know this is a general overview for most all Leos.
    Personally, I’m willing to do anything and everything for my friends, the people I eventually let close enough to call a friend out of my decently broad social circle of people. I’ll always be willing to help, listen to, or just be there for a friend as well as go out of my way to do something for them; they being the only people I’ll easily and willingly give gifts to in abundance and show them amazing ammounts of kindness. I do tend to get overbearing due to wanting to eleminate errors from situations and keep things going smoothly, as well as having a very bad temper, yet I prefer to stay away from being a leader and having attention directed at me; keeping to the sidelines. I tend to be harsh and blunt with what I say, never regarding that I can hurt someone with my words until after they’ve been said. Yet, despite being harsh and a bit overbearing on the tempermental and violent side, I can easily be wounded by anyone close enough to me simply changing their tone or even a playful jab by someone close enough. I’m also an artist, and have only a small fraction of my friends and acquaintances are artistic as well. I love being artistic yet I’m also easily influenced by other’s oppinions on the matter as well as just about anything; I’ll often second guess things and need other’s oppinions on the matter.

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    HeatheHope October 23rd, 2013

    My boyfriend has said before that i crave to much attention? i just want to know that i make him happy enough when i think something is botherin him i start doutin my self 🙁 . . any advise ? how can i fix it?

  4. Profile photo of meltedicecream
    meltedicecream August 2nd, 2012

    Haha, this is too true. I’m extremely sensitive and when I don’t get attention I’ll start wondering what’s wrong with me. xD 

  5. Lyssaa August 11th, 2010

    Sooah True !!!

  6. Heather November 6th, 2009

    This discribes my little brother. He is a Leo, and everything here is pretty relatable when it comes to his attitude.

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