Pisces Career and Money

Pisceans have a very characteristic set of needs and motivating factors, which seems quite different from those of other sun-signs. So, they need to take special care in choosing their field of work so that they can work towards the fulfillment of these needs, and making the most out of their professional lives. Pisceans have a strong sense of vocation, then need to put their heart and soul into their work. And when they work with this sort of dedication, they can be terribly let down by any sort of obstruction. They can work with very little pay, as long as they are allowed to derive the most from their job.

Another very important aspect of the Piscean way of life is believing in something, and making sacrifices for it. I have said that the Piscean can give up his/her career in order to look after the children, but now I say that the Piscean is also capable of sacrificing his/her hopes of getting married and raising a family for an important social cause, or a career in some form of art that he/she might be dedicated to. All the Piscean kindness and warmth is seen in their work.

This of course is a very noble and ideal way of life, but some Pisceans sometimes get caught up in the rat-race of life. They start doing what everyone else does, running after money and power and pelf like everyone else. But as and when they do it, they will surely realize that this way of life is not for their benefit. The hustle and bustle, and the noisy, tense atmosphere of a typical workplace is not the ideal hunting ground for them. They need to be left on their own, with no demands or deadlines to be met, and they will come up with the best, not with an aim of impressing anyone or accumulating anything, but just for the common good. So works the Piscean mind, and this ought to be understood most of all by the bosses, who tend to force things on everyone.

A special note on the great creative potential of the Piscean – most often it is wasted, unless backed by a very strong impulse. But even when there is the impulse, the talent needs to be nurtured and encouraged, lest it be lost in due course.

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amarjyoti (@amarjyoti) : June 15th, 2010

i want to take a information about my uk visa it will fullfill or not?

Md. Hasan mahbub-ul karim (@Md. Hasan mahbub-ul karim) : July 2nd, 2010

Hi i am a 24 year boy . I am student me chemistry in a university. I want to be a scientist. Do you have any comment on it. My birth date is “20march 1986”

Beena Devi (@Beena Devi) : August 6th, 2010

Hi, I want to start a boutique with loan. Can i choose this my profession.My birth date is “14march1976” Please leave a reply.

Candy (@Candy) : September 3rd, 2010

Hi I an a piscean I have three men interested in me one is an aries a tauus and another pisces. Which of these would make the better life partner?

dav77 (@dav77) : December 2nd, 2010
Profile Photo

Hi, i am 33 year old male, date of birth 11th March 1977 married to my wife 9th May 1982. We had a miscarriage last year and have been trying to conceive ever since but failed. Just today she informed me that she consulted few people and the result was she is not capable to concieve. Could you please reconfirm this result. thanks. David

TG0313 (@TG0313) : December 4th, 2010

Hi,Im A 23 year old male my birthday is March 13,1987…I just got out of a 5 year relationship with a capricorn female. Im currently In the health Care Field .i play on focusing more on my certification in my field …so with that being said what sign would best fit me? And Would I More than likely Succeed in both career and love?

luis (@luis) : December 23rd, 2010

I been reading the horoscopes,daily and they are very
helpfull, for the daily guidance.
thank you.

Sreeja (@Sreeja) : February 22nd, 2011

Hi, I would like to know when I wil get a job. I am 37 yrs old

Khuram (@Khuram) : February 24th, 2011

Hello! How are you? I want to know 1 thing only can I get Big Money in life. If I can then when I can get … Reply me.. Bye 24 Feb 1982 B D

bello oladimeji (@dandbull) : October 5th, 2011
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Born 3rd march 1976,worked with construction firm as site engineer.pls does the future hold for me.thanks

ALLEN FAITH OGATIS SAHIDSAHID (@allenfaith) : April 14th, 2013
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i work in a private firm.. is this really the right job for me? right now im happy and contented..

Kelley (@kel3fancy) : May 25th, 2013
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I’m a 25 year old pisces woman and I’ve been with my cancer man for years now and it’s been very rocky, we love each other to death. We break up and run right back to each other, could it be that we need to mature a little more before we get married? I couldn’t see myself with any other man. Help me please!!! 

gade nishitha reddy (@gade) : September 10th, 2013
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hi i m 22 years old born on 20 march 1991 at 3:30 a.m. in india in nalgonda.I completed my engineering in 2012 and waiting for my marriage.can i know when will i get married and my life after marriage.plz ans me…
thanq you!!!!!!!!!

Jerome (@jerome123) : May 21st, 2014
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Im 20 years old my birthday is This really was helpful because for the past two years I havent beem able to keep a job longer then 90 days. I always end up quiting. I get down on my self because I have to children and im broke. I work as a car salesman now and im on the verge of quitting this one. I used to be strongly involved with spoken word in the community but now rhat my kids are growin up I let it go to work. Im most likely going to quit and lool for another one. Hopefully something that involves my craft but knowing me il start chasing money again and end up in the same spot. so I think aiming for a job th that involves music and spoken word would be my best bet. This was really helpful. Gracias lol

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