Pisces in Marriage

When it comes to marriage, I am assuming that the you, the Piscean, have found the right one for you after a certain number of trials and errors. Congratulations! Now you need to learn the ABC’s of married life. And the A is – Always maintain your identity in spite of the marriage. If it’s important for one to maintain his/her identity in a relationship, it’s even more so when it comes to marriage. There are those who say that after the marriage, there is no place for ‘I’ – the two I’s turn into a ‘WE’. But they are not you; you are you and you know that it is very easy for you to mould into your partner’s personality and become his/her mouthpiece. You can forget your own likes and dislikes to please your partner; and as much as you may seem to be doing all this out of your own free will, it is not good for your mental well-being. Suppressing your ambitions and pleasures is not good after a certain level.

On a lighter note, you are very easy to live with, even with your sometimes unorganizedand untidy way of life. Your partner may accuse you of being too casual about things that ought to be taken seriously, and not be totally wrong. But that’s you – you are not deliberately negligent, you just think there are more important things to do.

When it comes to parenthood, you are not negligent of your duties at all – you make sure you give your kids every opportunity to learn and perform. But you have a way of spoiling your kids – not by giving them to much material stuff and spending too much on them, but by giving them too much love. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact that in your eyes, they can do no wrong. So when they actually do something wrong, like spoiling their grades, may be, then it comes as a rude shock to you. So with time, you need to learn how to teach your child a little self-discipline and the virtues of hardwork and honesty.

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sheila (@sheila) : January 12th, 2010

So very true! Especially the part about the children…. WOW!

Jennifer (@Jennifer) : February 24th, 2010

Honestly; none of these for pisces resembles me.

abdul raheem (@abdul raheem) : April 18th, 2010

My name is Abdul Raheem. My date of birth is 2-3-1961
Kindly send your predictions about my career in future.I will be very thankful for such kind.
Kinsly favour me and accept my request about waht i have said above.

Arkaprava Sinha (@Arkaprava Sinha) : July 6th, 2010


aliya (@aliya) : October 3rd, 2010

my name is aliyahussain my date of birthis 20-3-1990
and i want ask when my marriage will be fix b’cos my parents r so thinking about me

piscean (@piscean) : November 25th, 2010

crap…all bakwas

heathery (@heathery) : January 2nd, 2011

Very vague. Just want to know if this is the time he makes tha leap to be with me forever.

suhail (@suhail) : February 18th, 2011

my name is suhail i was born in 19 feb1989 my sin is pisces my girlfriends name is shaziya she was born in 1jan 1994 his sin is capricorn can i get marry to her plez answer me

Abhijeet Singh (@abhijeets) : April 28th, 2011
Avatar Image

Yeah, Quite nice information about piscesan but, i want to know about me here. I mean can please tell me about my marriage date or time. I born on 31-mar-1984 at 10:15 AM in Delhi.

Priya (@priya.nalle@yahoo.in) : June 16th, 2011
Avatar Image

My marrage year can u tell me

linda (@divinefavour) : October 28th, 2011
Avatar Image

Hi Ȋ̝̊̅ love †̥ know when Ȋ̝̊̅ will get married if U̶̲̥̅̊ can give M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ actual date Ȋ̝̊̅ will be happy but Ȋ̝̊̅ dnt knw d time Ȋ̝̊̅ was born A̶̲̥̅̊₪D̶̲̥̅̊ d name of d hospital .my information Ȋ̝̊̅ was born in nigeria in 25/2/1987

palak jain (@palak.jain02@yahoo.co.in) : July 31st, 2012
Avatar Image

i would like to know about my future..
palak and my dob is 8/12/1989..i want to go for higher studies which is my first priority.. i hardly trust anyone and some times not even my parents ( i don’t know why..) so i dont share my feelings alot with them but i love them alot..
i am having lots of friends but i trust few people only..
i am scared to fall in love with anyone and if i start liking someone then i prefer to be quite then share my feelings :(
i dont belive in marriages i just get scared and want to run ..far away from people..i know i am overreacting but its true..but still want to fall in love and want to marry my love.is it possible? and what about higher studies (M.B.A. or M.Tech)?
and sorry for grammer mistakes :(

Kellz (@k3llzzzz) : October 1st, 2013
Avatar Image

my name is kellz. my birthday is 3/4/84, i was born around 4 pm on a Sunday..could u send me predictions on my relationship, like if we’ll last or get married?

gourgessfarheen (@gourgessfarheen) : February 1st, 2014
Avatar Image

Hii this is farheen and I want to know that. I m in love with some one and his name starts with “b” we are of same caste. So please let me know that I will get married with him or not. And when will I get married please tell me the year and month.

AnuragB (@anurag_b84) : February 25th, 2014
Avatar Image

My name is anurag and my date of birth is 22-02-1984. I am in love with a girl. Her parents are not ready for our marriage. For the last 10 days we are facing tough situation. Kindly send me the prediction on whether we will be married or not.

punamsunar (@punamsunar1992@gmail.com) : December 24th, 2014
Avatar Image

My name is punam and my date of birth is 1st jan 1991 .my question is m in love wit started name from b..but always we disscus an create misunderstanding  with each other..but he love me lots an me 2..but m confused with married life with him

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