Pisces Qualities and Characteristics

Pisceans have a tendency to get pulled in two opposite directions. This inhibits their decision taking capability. They are quite open-minded towards their work and personal life, and demonstrate an immaculate insight and vision in material, technical and spiritual aspects.

You have a particular artistic sophistication, which means that you have creativity with a polished edge. Your special characteristic is your love for beautiful things in life, and also a particular day-dreaming and inconsistent trait. You are too soft hearted and willingly help anyone in distress; this might also lead to problems to you because of your inability to say ‘no’. Even with the introspective and intuitive edge, you are moody and restless at times.

Some depressions and dissatisfactions might lead you to pity yourself and escape from the distresses in life through drug addiction or drinking. You have a great inner strength, you only need to exhume it. You share your resources with others, even money, and think that others should do the same. The boundaries of possession are sometimes invisible or altogether meaningless to Pisceans, thus turning some into forgers and embezzlers.

Qualities that make you lucky are caring, progressive, benevolent, and imaginative. Qualities that hinder your success are undecided, casual, not practical, and easygoing.

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  1. khush 9 years ago

    absolutely true

  2. naaz 9 years ago

    watever is mentioned for piscians attitude,
    it perfectly matches me..what i m…
    hey i m cumpletlely PISCIAN!!!!!!!

  3. manas 9 years ago

    yaaaaaa,u hv written my qualites ..:-)

  4. shanthi priya 9 years ago

    its perfectly me!

  5. melisa 8 years ago

    I’m not super artistic, have an easy time drawing boundries, and I live and breath practicaliy. But I’m a cusp Pisces.

  6. Ntombie 8 years ago

    Your comment…100% pisces

  7. busiswa 7 years ago

    im a proud piscean even with those qualities that “hinder” me*yey*

  8. lulu 6 years ago

    just reading about someone I have a strong interest in and I find this very very accurate and informing thank you

  9. janine 6 years ago

    hmm i love beinq pieces

  10. Profile photo of Pisces.chicka
    Pisces.chicka 5 years ago

    gosh that is so me, its as if the word “no” is not my vocabulary, and am proud to be a pisecan cause its the best zodiac sighn ever!! 

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