Scorpio in Marriage

There is probably no other sun-sign that is this demanding when it comes to marriage.

The Scorpio is willing to put any amount of effort into making the marriage not only work, but also give unparalleled happiness and emotional support to both. For example, a male Scorpio will work day and night accumulating wealth in order to equip the house with all sorts of luxuries and necessities. In case of a female, she would work hard at keeping the house spotless, and provide her husband with all sorts of care and comfort.

But what the Scorpio will hate more than anything else is an attitude from the partner that does not match with his/her. He/she wants someone who will match him/her in every sort of way. A person without the strength of character and vigor that they have is not acceptable to them. And this goes on to the sex life – they do not like the partner to show disinterest. And even when they do it, they want the partner to be passionate and creative just as they are.

All of this is just the result of the kind of plans that the Scorpio has for his/her married life. But there is the possibility of overdoing things, like slogging long hours in the office while the wife passes time in loneliness at home. This is bad to any relationship.

And the only thing that is worse is jealousy. I just cannot stress enough on the need to control this feeling. It can crop not only out of suspicion of the spouse’s sexual relations with another person. The jealousy may be directed even at the spouse himself/herself – say if the spouse is more successful than you are at your career.

Scorpios are excellent parents and don’t just let their children grow up and learn – they teach them stuff, not in the classroom kind of way but through outings and other fun stuff. They also expect a lot from their kids and do not let them settle for average grades. The kids, nudged and encouraged in this way, inherit quite a lot of the independence and vigor of the Scorpio.

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Manohar (@Manohar) : June 7th, 2009

This Site is really great, not a single word is diverted.
I have observed this for two zodiac signs and Iam dumbstruck to see the results.

lola (@lola) : August 19th, 2010

wow! May I have one of this creatures as a husbands?

sripriyadarshini (@sripriyadarshini) : October 6th, 2010

i born on 24.8.1985 7.05 pm…tamilnadu when ill get marriage and ill get bright future .parents seeing allaince but not yet more worrying about my suffering a lot please predit my future and tell when ill get marriage.

Gauri (@Gauri) : October 20th, 2010
Avatar Image

OMG.. I love this site! :D

Sooo correct and exact about a guy I am seeing!

Babs (@Babs) : November 8th, 2010

Wow! Scary! Way too intense… Reminds me of those psycho boyfriends that go through ur fone, follow u around n constantly interrogate everything u do… Wouldn’t want one of those for a partner… AGAIN!

Patricia Robinson (@pyrobinson31) : March 7th, 2011
Avatar Image

OMG!!! So true I haven’t been married yet but this gives me a little reassurance that married life is going to go well

Mazsa (@Mazsa) : March 19th, 2011

From a Female Scorpio this is all basically true unfortunately it also depends on the person you are married to so for any Female Scorpions reading this do not get married to a Leo or Aquarian for unless you strike it lucky you will be in for a very hard time in making your marriage work

Anthony (@EvolvedScorpio) : March 28th, 2011
Avatar Image

I’m a male scorpio and even though I’m not married and single I think this is very accurate, especailly the part about the children

Anoop Kumar Gupta ( : April 15th, 2011
Avatar Image

My DOB is 30/10/1981 I want to marry a girl whose DOB is 06/01/1988, pls suggest.

Amita (@Ami7867) : July 27th, 2011
Avatar Image

My date of birth is 7/11/1986.I want to marry a boy whose DOB is 22/12/1985.Will we get married???please answer…

grace ( : September 1st, 2011
Avatar Image

Good! I think its true. I am a scorpian and I found 90% things true.

Edna (@Namoc) : August 24th, 2013
Avatar Image

Woooowwwwww, its great to be in this site, I’m scorpio girl, and everything I’ve read are almost true in my personality …

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