Scorpio Qualities and Characteristics

Being a Scorpio, you are quite shrewd and astute and even intensely revengeful in cases, you are not the right person to cross. You are the symbol of courage and power, and this is certainly accompanied by foresight, intelligence and power, along the freedom that this power provides.

Your vision gives you the power to see farther than your comrades and opponents. And this provides you with the power to strike down those you oppose you, figuratively. Adventure lures and you and finds you wherever you are, and this intrinsically makes you a leader, as you dare to tread where no one else dares to go. You have a great stamina, and as I talked about, you are a deadly adversary.

You expect total loyalty and sincerity from your friends, as you give the same to them and you are not that easily deceived, because of your superior vision. You are brilliant and tactical in your business, but run the risk of appearing, and even being deceitful and surreptitious. You are quite dedicated and sensible, but still in some known or unknown way, you tend to yourself in jeopardy. But still, you will succeed a lot in life, and also make a lot many enemies in the process, but they are innocuous and only cause anxiety. You receive cooperation from your coworkers and subordinates and satisfaction from your family.

Qualities that make you lucky are will power, positive, political, and courageous. Qualities that hinder your success are possessiveness, dominating, jealous, and cold-blooded.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts; We know them as famous Scorpions.

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Puja Sarkar (@Puja Sarkar) : September 16th, 2007

Hey! Its osim!! I cant believe u r too perfect….

josie (@josie) : September 28th, 2007

you put alot of dedication and honestly you know about the subject dudet and congratulations josie

Kitty (@Kitty) : March 25th, 2008

As a Scorpio; I can safely say, you are pretty much correct.

dhang (@dhang) : March 12th, 2009

what are the things that can compare with scorpio??

Francis Nguyen (@Francis Nguyen) : April 12th, 2009

I think quality of Scorpio is great, rated 5 stars, but no one know that personality is a perfect personality

jaja (@jaja) : August 16th, 2009

awesome keep up the good work definitly describes who i am love u

ann (@ann) : December 3rd, 2009

I’m amazed at how closely accurate you are of a Scorpion….nice to know.

R.SUNDARAM (@R.SUNDARAM) : December 17th, 2009


Emily (@Emily) : June 30th, 2010

hi its nice to see the good qulities that have been wrote about here. I have seen so many negative things that have been said so thanks for writting spmeting that is so true to the scorpio trait

Akshay Singh (@akki12as) : January 24th, 2011
Profile Photo

Exact traits of Scorpions:)

gear (@gfdsa) : June 19th, 2013
Profile Photo

I would like to know my star sign character!

priyanka sahu ( : November 2nd, 2014
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PLZ share me horoscope daily ..

jaisika (@jaisikasingh) : November 19th, 2014
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Thank you sooo much I was very much worried about my self as I am very moody n short tempered some times… This helped me alot n i vl keep in mind what I suppose to follow 

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