Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

This is a romantically dreamy combination! Both the Pisces man and woman are compassionate and tender in nature. Even though different in personalities, they have similar needs from, and views of, partnership. Both of them are willing to adapt to the person they love, and offer each other tender affection.

The Pisces man is strongly an intuitive person with a clever mind and some gentle dreams. He is warmly tolerant and never becomes judgmental in any situation. In short, he is generally everything, one wants him to be. He may appear to have his head in the clouds, but his thoughts are of the worldliest thoughts. The lover of a Pisces man must possess an understanding of the way his quizzical mind thinks as well as the ability to not strap him to her insecurities or criticize him for the passions his spirit holds.

The Pisces woman possesses much of what her Pisces man does. She is gentle, she is polite but her mood swings overcome her. She has calm and delicate nature which rules her mind and soul and she has a wonderful yet sensitive serenity about her. She supports her lover no matter what he decides to do and knows enough to keep to her and not delve into his inner most personal thoughts. But she is not good at making decisions and may be found confused in some of the ways.

Pisces woman understands the dreams of her Pisces man and admires them too. She is the one to portray her affection in all possible ways making the relationship better. The Pisces duo has an increased growth of positive qualities making their relationship stronger. She is quite intuitive and if she notices her Pisces man withdrawing from her or his activities, she can show him that she is more aware of him and that she listens to him and gives him the best advice she knows how to give. She is very good at reading her Pisces man and can give insight into why he is feeling down.

Pisces man is a great match for Pisces woman as he is sensitive enough to be able to deal with her delicate nature. He adores her calm and polite nature. Since he possesses the same in himself and doesn’t like to be pushed he knows to expect the same from her. He understands the insecurities of his lovely Pisces lady and sympathize her. He may not be an overly expressive person but he is a wonderful listener. This couple, with the compassion they have, deepens their mental as well as spiritual level. They are both quite the gentle creatures as well as are creative and imaginative which adds beauty to their relationship. But they both tend to be on the lazy side and always try to put off to tomorrow what can be done today. They need to work together and overcome this negative aspect of their relationship so that they may strengthen any bond they form.

As the sensitive and submissive Pisces man and woman fall in love with each other, they both gently float around in times of love and romance. The Pisces woman adores and supports all the dreams of her Pisces man while the he keeps up her spirits and takes good care of her mood swings. They both magnify and benefit each other with compassion and calm tranquility. Their love is filled with chirping birds in sky and lilies in the field. As they live and love freely, playing happily and wisely together in perfect peace and contentment, they create miracles of oneness, a magic that is above all the bewitchment possible.

The sexual relationship between two Pisces is not one of a physical nature as much as it is on a mental and spiritual level. They actually enjoy a good old fashioned romance in their unison, full of soft gestures, throaty whisper and tender touches. They don’t need to have the heightened physical desire and passion to have a deep intimate bond. Their sexual intimacy is their escape from the cold and cruel world that keeps trying to pull them down from the clouds and rest safely in each other’s arms. Because they both possess so many of the innate qualities, when they become one, it all just intensifies to a mental and spiritual level that most couples could only imagine. They understand each other’s needs well and fulfill them in both physical and emotional ways to make their love making a more lovingly submissive experience. The result is a deep, deep breath of the freshest air imaginable. Her eyes would sparkle with a coquettish joyful flirtation and his just seem to twinkle with playfulness. It just makes their experience all the more charming, engaging, and truly unique.

Even these humblest of love birds have to work on some of the problems that can hinder their relationship’s progress. The Pisces man reaches for his goals, and he needs to aggressively do so or a deep frustration sets in so deeply that he may digress, turning to an outside source for consoling. Pisces woman needs to understand, in what he needs out of life and not chain him down to her own fears and insecurities. She sometimes feels the pressures of the world also. The silence and downward mood swings of Pisces woman are well understood by him. Unless they work together and get through the tough times and down times as well as enjoying the up times, they may fall into a realm that hampers them both. If both Pisces are down and frustrated and they don’t allow for the other to try picking their spirits up, they can become stagnant to one another and eventually begin to deceive each other.

  1. mark April 5th, 2017

    i am a pisces man,i courted a pisces woman,we have a mutual understanding,but the problem is our family because they dont want us to have a relationship of a lover because we are relatives of 4th degree of consanguinity,what should i do?

    • keyaren May 3rd, 2017

      I empathise with you as I was exactly in this situation 9 years ago. Due to family pressure, we let go of eachother. Even after so many years, we are not able to forget the love for eachother. We don’t meet or call or txt, but we happened to meet during a family event about a year ago and it was so obvious we have been in each other’s minds for all these years. Both of us have problems in our marriage and often wished we could rewind time.
      But my advice to you is, Pisces are very adjusting and we don’t need too much to keep us happy. We have the capability to overcome a person as long as there is another person who will make you feel loved. So speak to ur loved one and move on in life and don’t upset people in your family who matter to you. After all they will always be part of our lives, cause Pisces are very family loving gentle people.
      I must warn you, the pain is high, but can be handled.

  2. Profile photo of deeps17
    deeps17 October 16th, 2016

    <p>&nbsp;I am a married Pisces man with Pisces women last 7 years now I am facinglots of problem pls suggest any solution how to deal</p>

    • Andrea J December 20th, 2016

      What are your concerns, maybe I can assist

    • Sabrina Miller May 19th, 2017

      They key is to stop arguing each other’s feelings. They are each your own. Yours matter as well as hers . We often become defensive when another expresses how they are feeling always thinking it’s us doing this feeling to them having to be blamed. You need to both stop and hear what the other is saying it’s nothing to do with you ! It’s an expression of ones own feeling. If you love someone before unconditionally what really makes it change is your inabilities to communicate.

  3. Profile photo of zainab angel
    zainab angel July 18th, 2016

    Started dating a pisces man seens january and when we started dating,he told me about hes baby mama in the uk,shes gemini,i never knew he was planning to get married to her december,we were so connected,i love him with all my heart,i always chooses hes happiness first before mine,because am a pisces woman,he told me he has to get married to her because of hes child,but he doesnt love her,which is true,but i feel like dying right now because it hurts so bad,please what should i do.

    • Simon December 15th, 2016

      Don’t trust a man who doesn’t want you take it from a man I would break mountains for my girl swim the seas for her that story he gave you was total bullshit if he loves you he will stay with you. If I was you I would dump him right away and don’t give him the chance to dump you because it will be more painful for this way. Look for a man who really wants you and die for you.

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  5. Profile photo of airlord
    airlord May 4th, 2015

    Can pisces get marry to pisces without problem in future.

    • Happy73 May 19th, 2017

      You are your own person only you can control that answer

  6. Profile photo of Lilcrislyn
    Lilcrislyn April 30th, 2015

    If you love her.. Tell her! If you don’t.. Tell her! Don’t be a Scairdy Cat?

  7. Profile photo of
    gflorencejr May 12th, 2014

    I’m a Pisces man who has been in a relationship with a pisces woman for a few months now, in some aspects this seems to match us perfectly but I think we’ve made it to the point of being stagnant and I don’t know how to get things back to the way they used to be. Any advice? 

    • Happy73 May 19th, 2017

      It’s inevitable there is no mystery ,nothing intriguing,nothing spontaneous, youve made the chase end.
      Only you know the adventure to take her back on woo her otherwise close your eyes and remember that last time you connected oh so well and go there.

  8. Profile photo of
    ecedp@hotmail.com March 30th, 2013

    This matches me and my fiance to a ‘T’. He is mar. 1 and im mar. 17 never felt so connected to someone in my life.

  9. pisces December 3rd, 2010

    wow what a perfect relationship it’s very successful one

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