Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

The individuality of an Aquarian might lead you think that they do not make such good friends. But the reality is far from that. Many astrologers will attest to the fact that Aquarians are the best kind of material for making a best friend. They really understand you and have an excellent listening ability. And their best quality is their willingness to help you for simply nothing in return. They don’t help people out of affection, or respect, or pity – it just comes naturally to them, helping someone just seems to be the right thing to do. They have a strong helping, humanitarian character, and most of them actively participate in community service and charity work. A psychoanalyst will tell you that they satisfy their need for self importance by helping others, and being of use to the society.

And some of them might go out of their way in doing that. For example, they might help other parents out by taking care of their children. They might teach poor kids and do some kind of community service by joining NGOs. So they make very resourceful, understanding and faithful friends capable of keeping the ties intact for many years. They also have the ability of resuming relationships after a long period of separation, with almost as much warmth.

Aquarians are also known for being assertive and speaking out their mind without any qualms. They suggest ways of making things better and take decisive action in that direction, to the benefit of most friends. This makes them very good members of societies, clubs and associations. They will do a great deal for the group, simply because the impulse of enjoying the camaraderie of people you share a common interest with is too great within you. They will make great presidents and chairmen, and will be looked up to for their impartial and impersonal judgment. They will also make up quite well with the politics and drama of groups, because of their coolheaded nature and impersonal judgment.

The problem that most Aquarians face in friendships is due to their individualism and need for fresh air. They do like to have their freedom jeopardized to any extent, and most of their friends are aware of that fact. For the friends, the best thing to do is to remain at a certain distance until allowed in, and the best thing for the Aquarian to do is to curb such tendencies.

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    can a aquarius male and a pisces female  be a good match..???

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    ChristianEatsMonsters July 14th, 2011

    Well from my experience being an Aquarius F and my bf of 3 years being a Cancer M, I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. I mean at first it seems like a match made in heaven and we fell in love so fast, but the fact is I as an Aquarius do relish my freedom and find it difficult to be with Cancer because they are so jealous and possesive. I find it hard to have the type of conversations I would like to have with him, because I think so differently then him and I don’t think he really relates well to it. Still I do know we will always love eachother and we were good friends before we got together. Give it some time to make sure it’s right!

  4. Morgan February 23rd, 2011

    No well i don’t think so my friend is a female cancer and my other is a aquarius male and they had a horrid break up. No bodys the same but still.

  5. Michelle December 8th, 2010

    Hey so do you think that Cancerian females and Aquarian Males will be a good match or are they better of friends? and why do you choose that?

  6. Michelle December 8th, 2010

    Hey so do you think that Cancerian females and Aquarian M

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