Aquarius Personality

Aquarians are probably the most individualistic and strong kind of people. Now you can read that as pigheaded and rebellious, but that’s your wish (that’s not to say that being either of these is always a wrong thing). And as is the way of the world, the distinctive and strong in character are the ones followed by one and all; so this is what leaders are made of. Now things are not all rosy and jolly for Aquarians. If I had to describe an Aquarian in the least possible number of words, I won’t classify him as a leader or pioneer, I’d call him a walking bag of contradictions – coz that’s what he most definitely is. They do pioneering work, they go against the tide and try to change how the society thinks about something, yet they themselves find it very hard to change their mind on something once they have made up a notion.

So this difficulty in modifying oneself and one’s beliefs becomes more and more noticeable and prominent with maturity; an Aquarian might need a lot of help and encouragement in coming up to prevalent times and practices. However, another important thing that makes them such good leaders is their cool temperament and emotional control – you could not find a person better at taking affirmative action in practically testing circumstances. Also, these guys are really understanding and do not find it very difficult to suffer contravenes of fellows. That is why they make such good friends.

Another enigmatic aspect of their persona is their glamorous yet distant kind of vibe in relationships. They like their freedom and are not very welcoming to change, at least in this department. So, an Aquarian might face a lot many conflicts in his love life, even though he/she might be a terribly romantic person. Aquarian children may seem to be a little too introvert and aloof of the world, but that’s normal, in fact, that’s their thing! Physically, Aquarians may often suffer from circulation-related health issues, so it is really important for them to keep warm in cold weather.

  1. Destinyjulia April 27th, 2014

    I dated a Aquarius , and I myself am a Sagittarius , at first things were amazing we were a little dostant but we cared a lot for eachother. But out of no where he wanted change but didn’t come out and tell me , he never was easy to talk about how he felt, he would become very very distance he wouldnt call me as much so I took it in my own hands to break up we because amazing friends it was hard to believe we were ever together . I would tell him all my problems and vise versa then we gave it another shot . He was an amazing person but since he never showed his true colors people was him as a jerk and question my relationship choices. But when he did start becoming open with his feelings he became possesive and once again we broke up . This was a four year relationship!

    • Pikjuk September 7th, 2018

      Perhaps you needed to learn a proper English, so your Aqua friend could understand you. Just a guess, I guess!

  2. heather November 27th, 2010

    Hey people! im a leo and im dating An aquarius! i think we r like the perfect match! he is sooo silly! funny and loving! loves to hold me! very warm and sweet! we been dating for about two months so far and i aint saying it was perfect! yeah we had some complaications but who dont? we made it work! and got to c each others veiws! awsome web ite!

  3. Shriya November 2nd, 2010

    I’m an aquarius girl and proud to be one!! Aquarians are intellectual, optimistic, friendly and humanitarian but some of the negative traits are their tendency to be aloof and detached ( but sometimes that’s good!) depends on how you look at it!! Thanks for letting me have my say! cool web site!!

  4. Aquarius To The Bone May 16th, 2010

    Over all it’s reasonably accurate except for the circulatory issues, at least in my case and the Aquarians I know. We also update ourselves. Frequently, and usually are so far ahead of “the times” we have to either digress to appear normal to society, or continue onward, walking and working that contradiction.

  5. books May 10th, 2010

    i think that believing in yourself and having passion is the key to success. no passion and focus no nothing. even if you had 100 wrong turns, you still shouls try again. maybe your 101 turn could be right.
    have a grEAT day!!

  6. Ramiesha April 6th, 2010

    well acc to me aquarians are very friendly,loving,getle but very talktive.they enjoy life and always remain to the earth.

  7. sidra December 30th, 2009

    AQUARIUS r 2 good.

  8. Reezii September 27th, 2009

    I dated a Aquarius and he was smart. But he made my life hell. He said terrible things to me and treated me like shit. He jus played football with my heart, we went out for 4months and some weeks. I luved him sooooooo much,but i couldnt take nomore sooo i broke up wit em. He’s still trying to make ma life not good. he’s trying to turen everybody agenst me, but it’s all gooood. He goes both ways. HAVE FUNNNN…

    • pier1 September 7th, 2018

      he was doing you a favor, silly, by telling you that you re stupide

  9. alethea May 12th, 2009

    aquarius are pure genius

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