Aquarius Qualities and Characteristics

Your zodiac sign is symbolized by the bearer of the jug of water, you provide the spiritual and intellectual health drink to the society and people around you. And the water has a tendency to flow ahead, so that you are forward looking, and optimistic, and think only in terms of growing inward and outward possession.

You dispense knowledge, advice and even material possessions to those around you, who solicit your help and emotional support. You are the sign of brilliance and creativity, but these are not without the sufferings and sacrifices. You have distinctive, in fact a peculiar character – you are knowledgeable and intelligent yet hesitant to take important decisions or to give your opinion where it counts most. You are quite philanthropist, at least in thought, and have a great sense of humor.

You are tolerant and don’t mind others poking fun at you. You are valuable to the world as you are a giver rather than a taker, you give hope and inspiration. Aquarians are amiable, charming and intuitive, but can get eccentric and unruly at times. They are also slow and shaky starters, taking their own time, but half way through, they might change their mind, irritating those with them. In your love life, you will have really good experiences, but some setback will keep piercing your heart at all times.

Qualities that make you lucky are honesty, truthfulness, innovative, and insightful. Qualities that hinder your success are inconsistency, unusual, rebellious, and cautious.

Aquarius Personality

Understand your personality traits and discover your purpose in life. Learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Aquarius in Friendship offers a mini guide that will give you an idea about your expectations in friendship and what your friend has to offer you.

Aquarius in Love

Are you in Love? In Love, its very important to understand your partner and his or her way of expression of love. offers a short yet powerful guide to love life of zodiac signs.

Aquarius in Marriage

Discover your needs and desires in matrimony.

Aquarius Career and Money Profile

Your working style is defintely different from others. Discover what suits you as a career.

  1. srikant301 November 2nd, 2011

    hi this is srikant my date of birth is 30/01/1984,birthtime between 12:30 to 12:55 afternoon, i am strugling very hard at my job, still waiting for some good job offers, to get marry, my qustion is when should i get good job, and my marrige time, when should i get marry. thanks…

  2. mani_33528 November 8th, 2010

    i am confused between job & bussiness what to do will u please help me to find out in which field i can make my carrer.

  3. shellie June 22nd, 2010

    okay good

  4. varun October 3rd, 2009

    this sucks iam an aquarius & i do not like being poked even in an humrous way

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