Aries in Marriage

Ariens make good spouses – this is credited mainly to the passionate and enthusiastic side of their personality. They are interested domestic affairs just as much as in official ones, in an almost childlike way. You can witness this in the way they decorate their houses, buy presents for their family members and provide for them. As parents, they are neither so unattached as to pass on cleaning diapers over to the spouse, nor so over-anxious as to panic when their kid spoils his school exams. If their children do not perform in school up to their expectations, they will take things into their own hands and help them through. But Ariens are not known for their patience! They might end up saying or doing something they might regret later.

There is the general notion that Ariens are give and take in marriage. This is a horrible notion to have, but nonetheless, not totally incorrect. Here, there’s one thing all married couples need to understand. In married life, there obviously are taking periods of each partner of the marriage – periods when the other understands his/her spouse’s need gives. But when the giving period comes, the Arien is often found wanting. At this point, he/she should reassess the situation, and question himself/herself if he/she is giving all that he/she has got. Ariens have this vast reserve of fervent energy, but it’s really important for them to put it in the right place.

Again, an important problem with Ariens is their selfishness. They do things that hurt their partner, and they don’t realize it. This thoughtlessness is as natural as the selfishness, and the end outcome is that the partner expresses his/her anguish in an outburst and the Arien is totally taken by surprise. The Arien’s simple nature and way of looking at life hinders his/her ability to understand the complicated results of his/her actions. So if you are an Arien and married, you have a lot to give as well as a lot to look out for.

  1. Rajnikanth Shinde June 14th, 2017

    I wanna know thatwhen i ll get married now am 26 yr old

  2. Peacenkbabe October 21st, 2014

    Want the chart reading and future predictions

  3. BrittneyTheAries93 October 19th, 2014

    It would seem Gemini and Aries get along peachy keen…and then there is the one moment that is damn near catastrophic and it all falls to peices. I was with a Gemini for two years and the longer we stayed with each other the more cold and distant he became and the more emotionally unstable and harsh/mean I became. I would never say anything mean about my ex, I loved him…no matter how we treated each other. He never wanted to talk about his emotions and I tried to respect that, but he thought I was trying to be distant. I asked him what made him feel loved and he would not tell me, he would not accept gifts, if I cleaned it wasn’t good enough, he liked sex but I “wanted too much”, just hanging out wasn’t good enough…and good job got me a “whatever”. It made me want to give up, but I still loved him. I held a lot back, and holding my tongue, being an Aries, made that catastrophic blast of words that much more intense…and it ended up hurting him very badly. COMMUNICATION between BOTH the Gemini and the Aries is important, or between any two people for that matter, no matter what the sign is, is very important. Anyway, thank you for reading. Gemini…Aries…if you want to get married, be sure you really know each other.  

  4. Jclovingme April 23rd, 2014

    I am a very strong, loving and independent.  I don’t cheat and I’m not  a jealous person. I totally agree with you @yvonne

  5. CursedLove February 21st, 2014

    Im an Aries woman married to a Pisces, 
    I have been with him since I was 18 now Im 33 and he is ttoo just floundering out he has been on several online sites cheating on me with other women! I have 2 little girls with him and don’t know where to go from here! The pain is so horrible… Have so much pain from the Pisces lies in my life I don’t know how to go on… He has apologized but the pain won’t go away and I know he will always be a liar and theif of hearts… I am cursed in Love and want to move on with my life I gave up my friends and family and everything for him! Now there is nowhere to turn, He made it that way! I will always love him but I’m here to tell u Aries women stay w away from Pisces men they are deceiving!

  6. shalusampath November 17th, 2013

    hi my full name is mary shalini.u i am a christian 
    my date of birth is 27/4/1986….. Time 5:00 pm
    i have a boy friend we both r planning to get married but he is hindu…… if our marriage dosnt math can u tell us the soluation to solve the problem
    His full name is sampath kumar
    Date of birth 9/4/1975
    Time 4:30am
    plz do reply me

  7. 00000 August 23rd, 2012

    Its true ive been in love with a pieces man and I have been so selfish but didn’t even see it I would hurt him and be totally unaware of my actions so when he would put it out thier I was surprised by what he would say.. I would not do it with that intention and now I have lost him we would fight so much and it really hurts me I wish sometimes I had a second chance to make things right

  8. sushil4056 May 13th, 2012

    is my love sucessful…….whenever i  am geting my real love….

  9. LadyBouss December 19th, 2011

    Well, Libra Girl, dating a Aries Male – My partner is Libran, and while we have huge differences, they are no more than one individula wil get from another. I think you need to spend more time, searching yourself and look at your family, social, cultrual, life experiences and learn about him on all these levels before you put it down to star signs. As yous aid, you hit him, as soon as couples start doing that, you may as well bow out. I wouldnt personally expect that from the ‘Refined, balanced, lover of beauty Libran’ but what do you know.. life and love just isnt as simple as astrological compatibility. Now i could sugar coat it and tell you what you want to hear, or i can tell you, that, ‘We as human beings, are the only ones responsible for the pain in our lives’ You can either leave or live with it. Personally my boyfriend is a pain in the neck, and im sure i am far from an easy person to live with, he’s even Muslim and im Christian, so there are a number of factors which can create a divide or unity in a relationship. But what i can say is, he understands me, and took the time to learn about me, and ive learnt to give him space (though im ripping my hair out in the process) but he is worth every bit of the challenge, and we are very happy together. Libra and Aries do work, just let go and let God and be patient.

  10. LadyBouss December 19th, 2011

    @Ryan  – Hui Ryan, i know im a little late to respond, but believe me, i actually opened this account just to respond to you. To be quite frank i think what you had to say was noncense. How you can write close to a book (which you said you would not do) just to express all of that, beats me. Im sure its no suprise, but im an Aries girl, and the thing is, Aries Rock.. and im not just saying that. We are actually one of the most loyal, fun loving, honest, and fearless people you will be blessed to come across. Ofcourse we have our downsides but the thruth is, if you have one of us in your corner, we will do half of the fighting for you if not all. If your girlfriend cheated on you ‘Coming not just from an Aries perspective, but a womans perspective’ She probably did that because something was missing or you didnt give her enough attention, or she wasnt afraid of loosing you. Im sure you;ve cheated on a woman before, so ask yourself why, because when an Aries woman loves someone.. and is confident he loves her back, and she is getting what she needs out of the relationship, no hell or fire, can make that woman cheat. Sorry to say that, but you need to man up and spend less time bleeding your heart out on how wack your girlfriend was and just keep it moving. The right woman is out there, and she may even be an ‘Aries’ lol x

  11. akeelahkay1 November 15th, 2011

    So, as Im reviewing all the postings I must admit it’s sort of a blow to the ego. I am an Aries woman. I can be hotheaded, but I consider myself intelligent enough to use logical thinking. If I takw time and step back from something, I can normally clam down and re-approach the situation with the use of sense, not volience or disrespect. Im currently dating a Leo male. For the first year everything was wonderful. We stayed in our ‘honeymoon’ phase almost the entire time. Now, it hasnt been that long since our year has past and suddenly I cant seem to shake the feeling that he’s cheating on me. The distance between us is honestly devastating. Time and time I’ve heard that an Aries-Leo combination is one of the most passionate, loving and engergic parings the zodic has to offer, but now Im just confused and feel like we’re losing touch with one another. I have been loyal, honest, forward and direct with everything. No secrets, no sneeking around. No lies and no cheating. I wish I had a clear answer or could fix the problem, but in truth Im fearing the worst. I have two step sisters. One was a Libra and the other a Gemini. My libra sister and I almost never fought, we had a great sisterly relationship. My Gemini sister however, remains on only occasional speaking terms. Honestly, I think she’s a little loopy, but I still love her. Yet growing up, we have plently of phyiscal fights. Maybe its just bad chemistry…

  12. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    @wiser i understand i am a libra girl my bf is a aires male. and he has cheated on me. Aires are selfish its true, They dont realize what they do or how it gurts others. aires are loving its easy to fall in love with one, but not easy fall out.

  13. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    @wiser i understand i am a libra girl my bf is a aires male. and he has cheated on me. Aires are selfish its true, They dont realize what they do or how it gurts others. aires are loving its easy to fall in love with one, but easy to fall out.

  14. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    @verne I am a libra girl, and my bf of 3yrs is a aires guy and all we do is fight because aires and libras are so opposite. Thats why alot of horoscopes say in order to make it work u really have to try. Libras are emotional we have to say how we feel if not we will burst. You aires are selfish and its true. Its all about me me me with you guys. For us libras we have to learn to control ourselves with you aires. I have hit my bf a couple times and its not right. I get so flustrated with him and i loose it. If its that bad you guys should split. Or he needs to walk away when he gets mad thats not ok to hit someone.

  15. kayla175884 September 18th, 2011

    @verne I am a libra girl, and my bf of 3yrs is a aires guy and all we do is fight because aires and libras are so opposite. Thats why alot of horoscopes say in order to make it work u really have to try. Libras are emotional we have to say how we feel if not we will burst. You aires are selfish a

  16. verne August 15th, 2011

    i am an aries woman who has been off & on w/a libra man 4 5yrs. we hav a 4yr old 2gether. in the begining i didnt cheat no dudes nbtween but he took advantage of my loyalty. i got tired & i started doing 2 him wat he does 2me & he didnt like it @ all. now 2yrs later he’s still playing games & is very abusive. he calls me names & is even physically abusive. LIBRAS r the WORST!

  17. Jasmine21 May 31st, 2011

    @yvonne : im an aries woman & i totally agree with you 😉 youuu took the words rite out my mouth !

  18. yvonne March 4th, 2011

    I am an aries woman. I am not selfish. I am a loving and decent person so anyone who has a problem with an aries woman it is because the men are too weak to deal with our strong independent nature and the other women are jealous of us.

  19. aashima February 27th, 2011

    i m aashima sharma i m aries, i m a tornado of anger, i m scraed whether my married life will be happier or not…….. i want my life to b most happier one

  20. wiser February 21st, 2011

    Your story seems familiar. A Libra friend of mine was dating an Aries woman. She kept him in total darkness. Behind his back, she was seeing three men. One of them was her ex who hated her. My Libra friend always thought that she was an angel because she used to come up with cute stories like going for interviews to meet those guys. In the end, he found out the truth about her. But he still continued to be with her because he had fear of being lonely.

  21. Ryan December 24th, 2010

    I had an Aries girlfriend a few years ago. When we 1st started dating I told her “If you want to go on vacation with friends, just let me know.” We were open with each other, so I also said “Don’t cheat on me & everything will be good.” About a month later she said that she was going to visit her grand mother. Without me asking she said “I asked if you can come, but my mother said that she’s old fashioned, so it’s not a good idea.” That smelled a fishy, so I was on guard about the situation. I’m going to keep this a little shorter than I could make it. It’s a good story, but I don’t feel like telling about EVERYTHING, because it would take up an entire page. So the day after she left she calls saying that she left her cell phone charger at home & she was on her way to Walmart to see if she could get one there. Of course she calls back & says they didn’t have one. Later that night I looked on her MS page & saw pictures of her & a DJ, with his arm around her. The next day my phone rang & caller ID said “Unavailable”. I answer & it’s her. She said she was on her way home & she missed me. She said she’d be home in about 5 hours. I played it off like everything was fine, because I wanted to face her when I caught her in her lies. She called when she got home & my tone of voice must have changed a little. She said “lets meet here, instead of you coming to the house.” I get there & another reason I wanted to meet face to face to end this was because she had a $750 motorcycle helmet in the trunk of her car & a riding jacket. The 1st thing I said when we met up was “So how was ‘name of city she went to’. She tried to deny it time after time. I said “You know I have friends in that city, right??” She said yes. “Well my friends saw you at the club you went to!” Finally she admitted it. Then I told her that no one saw her & we were done! She pulled some crocodile tears & said I was breaking her heart. I left. Like I said earlier, I left out a LOT of good parts of our conversation, but I didn’t want to type a book….

    Now, recently I met a girl that was working at a restaurant. We hit it off & I could have slept with her when she called after she got off work, but personal situations kept that from happening. I should have said for us to go back to her place. Oh well. It’s probably better off. I love to have sex with beautiful woman, but I HATE diseases more. We still talk every few days & if we take things to the next level I’m going to take emotions slow, but wrap it up & pound it so hard she’ll be siting sideways for a week!

  22. cali December 18th, 2010

    I’m a sag. and met an Aries in another state. I love it when I’m around him & I had a crush on him when I was a kid. So far so good….long distance can suck but who knows the future right?

  23. judie September 6th, 2010

    OMG! that’s totally me, me, me!

  24. philip July 19th, 2010

    i am a gemini and I once had a friendship with an aries lady, started out pretty well, but ended quickly & horribly.i probably gave more to it than i had ever given any other friendship & wen tins turned sour, she was so insensitive.she just left.came back later but showed no remorse

  25. Mia June 26th, 2010

    Not all Aries are like that – the thing is you are stereotyping all those born under one sign. It’s like saying all Gemini are flightly, which is completely inaccurate. The thing you have to remember that with all signs, no matter who you marry or date, etc. there is always going to have to be some sort of work ahead. Each couple is individually seperate from any other w/ different issues to work on. The thing with sun signs that there are common charactisterics which develop with other plantetary positioning, etc. Along with individual nurturing.

  26. Me & My Life May 4th, 2010

    It’s totally true that Aries are very selfish and they do what they want. They never think about their partner’s happiness. I am a Gemini and married to an Aries. I have faced with many issues in my life. If I knew it from before, I would not get married to an Aries at all. I am sorry to say but it’s good for others to learn.

  27. SARABJEET SINGH April 23rd, 2010



    5TH APRIL 1982

  28. andrea February 20th, 2010

    i forgot to tell u i am aries

  29. andrea February 20th, 2010

    Can anyone help me, i have met a taurus guy 2 months ago, and i have seen it in a club, but we are talking on the internet almost everyday, and i want to know if he deserve me.I haved to tell u i am not from the states, i am from europe and he is calling me there, but i dont’t know if he is worth it yet

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