10 Things Women Hate About Men

You may want to be her knight in shining armor and think of becoming the blemish free man. Yet there could be habits, temperaments or gestures that could annoy her. If you ask women to jot down things they hate about men then you would have an exhaustive list of things poor men are totally unaware of. You could even be at the risk of losing her. There are certain standard habits common to all men but certain others are peculiar and get on her nerves. If we are to pick a leaf from the relationship manual, this could be the most important for any relationship. Men need to focus on becoming co-operative, respectful and romantic partners. While your better half is the perfect guide to this topic, we attempt to list down 10 things that women hate about men.

  1. Lack of Manners

You may live the way you want with your buddies. Throw away clothes, throw things outside the dustbin and make a filthy place. But with women, rules change. Some women cannot tolerate the sight of bad manners and living habits. It could even be farting loud and not putting down the toilet seat. Yes! It could be anything from waking up till you go off to sleep. Even during sleep, your snores or inappropriate postures could spark a fire. Your expletive words could also be devastating. So, find out what annoys your lady love and dare not step into that zone. Remember, every woman will not spell out things for you. While some are good at explaining, others just silently loathe at your habits. Especially when you are married or living in, ensure you do not leave dirty dishes around. Guys, this lady is not your mom and she will not put up with all your non sense. So, you better buckle up or be ready for World War III.

  1. Your obsession with gadgets and the filth it creates

Knowing Men

Yes off course, the modern woman is fond of gadgets and loves her phone. But men go out of their ways to own and maintain their gadgets. Even more irking is the way you preserve them. Wires coiled up everywhere, headsets you bought 4 years back which do not work now along with your cell phone which is almost a century old. The list is long and endless. Women hate your technological mess and so better you get rid of them. If you can’t, then at least organize it. If you are going out then do not start window shopping for electronics all the time. She is not interested in your love for knowing hardware configurations, little differences in the quality of mobile screens and how much better X box is from PlayStation Save all the stuff for your own buddies. Imagine how you feel suffocated when she asks you about little details of the little clutch which she bought last month! Got it?

  1. Forgetting Romance

things women hate about men

Romance is the essence of any relationship. It’s the fire that kindles all bonds between man and woman. Once there is stability in relationship or marriage, romance often takes the back seat. Well, men are to be blamed more for that. It’s their ‘laid back’ or ‘for granted’ attitude towards the lady that drives her crazy. She starts thinking whether you have lost interest in her or whether you have found another woman. Yes it’s true! Girls take romance very seriously. Remember the first time you two came together? It was all flowery and frilly. It is understandable that you cannot keep up that level for next 60 years but you can do little things. Text her from office, buy her flowers, surprise her on special occasions and do things that made her eyes shine while you were in the dating phase. Women adore men who connect emotionally and make her feel wanted and loved. But do not make things routine, keep it spontaneous and you attract her like magnet.

  1. My Mom is best

Boy! Your mom may be the most awesome mother in the world but do not over value her all the time in front of your lady love. No matter what the age gap is, two women are always competing. Your lady love is making a lot of efforts to cook, take care of you and do things that makes you happy. Do not look down upon her initiations by comparing it to a woman who is more experienced. Also, you may be a mamma’s boy, but do not bring her into every conversation. Something like ‘my mom is best cook’, ‘my mother would have done it this way’ and ‘only mummy knows me best’ are simply intolerable.

  1. Withdrawing and Silence

things women hate about men

There is an apparent inability in men to speak out their minds. Women are better communicators and definitely expect some level from you as well. They will spell out what’s in their heads and believe you should do the same. Your unexplained silence and withdrawal is totally incomprehensible for her. If she asks you, “are you all right?” tell her your true feelings rather than just saying a plain No. You may be in deep thoughts about your job, career, financial issues or anything else, she expects you to talk it out. If you maintain a silence, she feels left out and demoralized. A woman needs constant communication even for things she already knows. She is made like that. When you withdraw from her, she feels she is unwanted.

  1. Mistakes in the bed

things women hate about men

So you look forward to a lot of fun in bed and so does she. But there could be clash of interests. Women take sex not just physically but have an emotional connotation as well. Never jokingly demean her efforts or make derogatory comments about her body. She could withdraw completely. Men also have the habit of trying certain positions which they have seen in some porn movie. Justified. But she should be comfortable too. Work out a mutually pleasant and comfortable chemistry in bed. Do not hurry and be romantic in the way you approach. Sometimes men may not want to indulge in foreplay but do not throw it out of your life completely.

  1. Dominant

It’s a sheer noble thing to protect your woman and care for her safety. But do not let your care turn into dominance and finally reach the level of dictatorship. She feels suffocating if you start controlling every aspect of her life. What she’s wearing, whom she meets and what to do at work could be potential danger zones you should not touch. The modern woman enjoys her independence and expects you to respect that. An over possessive and clinging partner is tiresome for the lady.

  1. Appreciating other women

You may not be intentionally serious about staring at other women, but can land into trouble big time. A girl wants you to like her, appreciate her and be attentive only to her. The very notion that you are taking an eye tonic elsewhere makes her heart sink. It only explains that the other woman is better than her. For you it just a glance of admiration, but for the lady it’s the end of life.

  1. Household negligence

knowing men

Unkempt hair, poor grooming and not shaving was not enough, so you come up with a deadly formula to annoy her. Your household mannerisms cannot just irk her but will lead to serious problems. Scattered things, not helping her do the dishes and not helping in the laundry is not expected from a caring partner. If you extend a helping hand, it will put you in her good books.

  1. Giving her solutions and not listening

Listen, listen and listen! That’s what is expected from you. Your better half is pouring her heart out and you’re busy checking out Facebook messages could be very mean. Pay attention to what she says and respond positively. If she is narrating some problem, do not jump on giving solutions. Offer advice only when asked for. Women do not want your expert words rather they just want you to listen to them. Although you have a short attention span, try not to let your mind wander when she is talking to you. If you cannot dedicatedly listen, at least pretend. It will save you from a lot of relationship horrors.

Enough is being said about altering and modifying your habits. Does that mean you lose your actual self? Definitely no. It only signifies that you have to adjust and make little sacrifices in order to keep her happy. Women give their full self to a relationship. They even go to the extent to quitting careers. But men can become their dream love just by extending some small gestures. Try out these quick tips and see how it works wonders for you. It will not just make both of you happy but she will want and love you even more. Try it for yourself and see the difference.

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  1. Rolande February 24th, 2023

    #10 housework is a mutual responsibility. Men are not “helping women do their job” . They are sharing in the responsibility of their home’s maintenance.

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