13 Ways To Feel Sexier About Yourself

Ladies.  We’ve all been there.  The days we feel in a slump or just not attractive.  Maybe life has us so busy we forget to take a little time for ourselves.  Maybe with a little help and a little time you can get back that sex appeal you felt once upon a time.

Smiling woman with disposable shaver in bathroom   1 Shave and exfoliate even if you’re going to wear pants.

Regardless of what you wear during the day, who says you can’t feel beautiful and sexy underneath? Shaving your legs and other areas can make a woman feel sexy. A fragrant lotion and exfoliate can make a world of difference for soft and smooth skin. When you apply your lotion don’t just squirt a big pile into your hand and quickly rub it on. Take the time to massage it into your skin. Close your eyes and feel how good a self massage can feel. This will open up your mind as well as treat and condition your skin for a more feminine look. When the warmer weather finally approaches you will find yourself looking forward to wearing clothing that reveals more of you.

2 Don’t trap yourself in the size you used to be.

Buy a size bigger and tear up the tag. Most women try to stay the size they were in high school, but do they really feel good when that size six is tight in every place imaginable? The size on your tag is just a number. Figure out your true size whether it is a six or a sixteen and tear off the tag. Feeling good in the clothes you wear is just as important as looking good in them. For some clothing articles you can even go up a size or two larger than you truly are. If it looks good then do it. Wearing a jacket a bit bigger than you are used to, can make you feel ten times better than cramming that booty into a pair of jeans you swear you can still wear.

3 Treat yourself to something beautiful at the make-up counter or salon.

It doesn’t have to be extravagant, maybe a small piece of jewelry or a new shade of lip gloss. Change the color of your eye shadow or just change the way you apply it to your face. The subtle differences will make a difference. These little things you can do for yourself can make you feel a little better so why not indulge? Buy a sexy pair of underwear or a new pair of shoes or just try out a new style hair cut.

woman tenderly touching her feet4 Get a Mani-Pedi.

The feel of being pampered in a nail salon is definitely something to be experienced. Sit yourself in the massage chair and enjoy the feel of massage while the salon specialist caresses and cares for your feet and makes your toes look beautiful. When you walk out of there with a matching manicure on your fingers that lasts for days it will make you feel more beautiful.

Happy young woman in lingerie dancing5 Dance around in your underwear.

Whether you had a hard day or an easy day, when you get home try this out. Lock the doors, turn up the music, strip off your clothes and dance like you’re on Broadway. It will feel invigorating, the exercise with give you energy and the feeling of being free will make you feel crazy and sexy.

6 Walk with longer strides with your head held high.

It is amazing what confidence can do for a person. Think about it. If you see someone walking all crouched down and looking at the ground as they walk, not making eye contact with anyone or even trying to show their face, chances are you’re not even going to acknowledge that person as they walk by. Now think about someone you remember because of their confidence. Someone you walked by or saw as they smiled, looked around as they walked by, maybe even made it a point to say hello or at least smile at you. That person is much more approachable, more likely to be remembered and their attitude can be contagious. Try to be more like that type of person and you’ll be surprised at how good it can make you feel.

7 Learn how to take criticism constructively

Not everyone is going to like the way you look or behave. Not everyone is going to be positive toward you or tell you what you want to hear as you try out that new dress you just bought. You’ll even run into that critical person from time to time who will crinkle their nose at what you are wearing or even come right out and tell you just what they think of it. Don’t cower to a corner until it’s time to go home or run out the door to burn the dress. Try to have a positive outlook on the comments that aren’t so complimentary. Say something like “thank you for your advice, but I think I’m going to give it a try. It makes me feel good.” You felt good when you put the dress on. So it’s not for everyone. So what? You can’t please everyone all of the time. What might look good to some people may not look that way to others. Take their comment, accept what they have to say, smile and thank them before you move on.

8 Thrift shop it.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to buy yourself something nice. Yes, with second hand stores you should make sure it’s a clean store and the merchandise you are buying is in good condition but the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” holds to be true more than you can imagine. Maybe even saving the money you would have spent in a regular store will make you feel even better about your new purchase.

9 Purse your lips and bat your eyes.

Flirting is very sexy even if it is not directed to anyone in particular. Be flirtatious in nature and you’ll be surprised at the attention you’ll get. Flirting goes hand in hand with confidence. The way you portray yourself is contagious within as well as with others around you whether it is staying cocooned up in your own little world or walking with large strides and batting your eyes at the next man who walks by.

Golden makeup and metal gold nails10 Use your fingertips more and bend your wrists when you pick up things or do things.

A woman’s hands can be one of the most feminine parts of her body. After that nice manicure you just got, why not show them lovely fingers off? Touch your chin or your bottom lip lightly with a couple of well manicured fingertips when you say hello and smile toward someone. When you pick up your purse, don’t just grab it with your hand, wrap your fingers around it and slide it up to your arm. Hold the steering wheel when you drive with your fingertips and slide your hands along the sides. Finesse everything you touch. When you reach out to shake someone’s hand, lead into their hand with your fingertips and lightly squeeze as you shake their hand.

11 Take a class in photography or pottery.

Happy young woman taking selfie in park

There’s a saying that holds true that if you “live in the moment” you feel more free and that tends to lead to a sexier feeling. Art has always been a way to show the passion of an artist. To appreciate a piece of art is one thing but to become involved in becoming or creating your own art has a meaning all its own. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, maybe you can surround yourself with it. Become an assistant in a museum, volunteer yourself as a model for painting class. I once wrote about using my body for the actual canvas for a painter. It was one of the most erotic stories I had ever written and I often read it to get that same feeling. Start slow and work your way into whatever your passion is.

12. Pick up a steamy romance novel.

Nothing will get you feeling hotter and sexier than a steamy story. I have done this often to a point I write them as well. Give it a try. Even if you’re not a very good writer, the idea that you have created something so sexy could be the difference you’re looking for.

13. Tone it down.

Sometimes the everyday ritual of doing your hair, applying your make up, getting dressed up for work and playing the part gets to be cumbersome. Try going completely natural once in a while. Forget the make-up, throw your hair up in a slightly messy bun and loosen up your attire for the day. That alone could make you feel a little wild and sexy.

You will be surprised that few changes you make will change the way you feel about yourself when you do one or more of the above. You will see an increase in your confidence and feel a more positive vibe within you. This will radiate out toward others and will become more natural the more you practice it.


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