4~Emma: It Begins

3~Emma: On Her Own

Emma had Miss Cleo on her mind stronger than ever.  The more time went by the stronger her curiosity was for the woman.  She had to find out more about her.  Was this the real deal?  Was Miss Cleo a true psychic?  Emma had goose bumps just thinking about it.

Female InsominacShe tossed and turned and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t sleep.  All of the experience she had in going to psychics she never experienced anything like she had with Miss Cleo.  She got thinking about the tall thin man and what he said about the woman being dead for centuries.  Emma got up out of bed and opened her lap top.

She googled everything she could about Miss Cleo but nothing surfaced.  She remembered what the man told her. She had been dead for years.  So Emma typed….’1900s psychics New York City’.  She went through several pages but found nothing pertaining to what she was looking for.  She tried 1800’s psychics then 1700s, but still nothing.

She remembered what Miss Cleo told her about keeping her eyes open for signs.  “Strength, submission, passion and love.  You will find strength on your way to what you seek.  Submission in the man who captures your soul, passion in all things because you want them and love will be deep within.”

She googled ‘Miss Cleo strength submission passion love’.  The only link pertaining to her search was in a foreign language.  She clicked the link and four symbols popped up.  Under each symbol she saw ‘Iśka… Junūna… Śakti… Prastuta’.

5be11e10a576b1af22e2a4c1a50e7734“Love, passion, strength and submission.” Emma smiled.  She saved the site on her phone and closed her lap top.

“Hello.  My name is Emma Manasti.  I used to visit you in your office when I went to college there….”

“Yes.  I remember you.”  Emma could sense Sophia was smiling. “I adored your passion for the psychic craft.   How are you getting along dear?”

“I’m doing well.  New York is wonderful.  There is so much culture and so many beautiful people.”

“A beautiful city indeed.”

“The reason for my call is about Miss Cleo.”

“Ah, yes.  Did you find her ok?”

“I did…the first time.  But it seems as though, well, I can’t really explain it.  I didn’t pay her, so when I went back, but she wasn’t there.”

“She moves around quite often.  Never likes to stay in one place for very long.”

“Sophia?  The entire place changed.  It was filled with boxes and junk that had been there for years.  All dusty and dirty.  How could it have been so beautiful one day then….”  Emma heard herself talking and sounded mad.  She thought Sophia would have her committed if she continued talking the way she was.

“Emma, my dear.  Never question the abilities of the psychic world.”

She thanked Sophia for her time and decided, for now, to leave it alone.  If Miss Cleo wanted to be known, Emma knew she would make it so.  She snuggled back into her bed and slept until her alarm woke her up a few hours later.

The museum was busy that day and Emma’s morning flew by.  A delivery arrived with some new art and Emma was looking forward to placing them on display within the museum.  One piece caught her eye. It was an abstract painting full of color.  Emma looked at it with a familiar sentiment.  It made her feel, warm and serene.  She knew just where to place it.

“There is a naked wall deep inside the museum with a warm coco brown finish and illuminating light. It would be a perfect home for this piece.”

Emma stood staring at the painting after it was hung.  There was so much going on within the frame.  Her mind knew there was something about it as if it were on the tip of her tongue yet she couldn’t tell what it was.  Then she gasped.  Pulling her phone out, she went to the link she found earlier at home.  The symbols from the website were the same ones in the painting.

“Wow, now that is a…coincidence.” She said it slowly as if trying to convince herself.  She didn’t know how long she stood there.  Hilana, the receptionist, finally broke her trance.

“Emma…earth to Emma.  You have a package.”  Emma blinked back to reality and put her phone away.

“Delivery?  Did they forget a piece?”

“No.  This is for you directly.” Emma looked confused as she looked at the package.

“There’s no name or return address.  Are you sure it is for me?”  She picked up the small package and read the label confirming delivery to Emma Manasti.  She opened it and became even more confused.  “Where did this come from?”

“I…don’t know.  Maybe it’s from your ex boyfriend.”

“I never told my family back home where I work.  Who delivered it?  Did you sign for it?”

“No….”  Hilana began getting defensive.  “A guy just came in and put it on my desk.  Didn’t say a word.”  Emma ran outside and looked up and down the street.  She rubbed her forehead trying to make sense of it.  Reaching into the black box she pulled out the gold pendant.

content“Whoa!”  Emma turned around and noticed Hilana standing directly behind her with wide eyes.  “Who could it be from?”  Hilana took the pendant from Emma’s hands and marveled over its beauty.  She didn’t realize how rude it was snatching it from her like that and with a half-hearted apology she gave it back.  “What is it?”

“It’s the Virgo sign.  My birth sign.”

“Really?? Well, someone knows you pretty well.”

“It’s not just this.  There have been odd signs lately but I can’t figure them out.”  Emma took the pendant and traced the gold lines that made up the symbol.  “I went to a psychic.  She told me I should look for signs…and that they’d lead me to where I needed to be.”

“A psychic?”  Hilana looked at her with a skeptic eye.  “Most of them are….”

“I know.  I know how it works, usually.  But this last one…I dunno there was something so authentic about her.  And after my visit with her, strange things have been happening.”

“Maybe they were always there and you just never noticed them until now.”

“No.  It’s more than that.” She looked at the pendant again.

“If you believe in that sort of thing, I’m sure you’ll get more clues when the time comes.”  Emma only half heard Hilana’s last comment. She was completely engrossed in her new secret, does she dare say, admirer?

The rest of the day she couldn’t help but wonder who sent her the pendant.  Would there be more?  What if this was it?  She could go mad staying in suspense if there was nothing more.

On her way home she decided to walk instead of taking the subway. She wanted to stop by the coffee shop, hoping she would run into the thin gangly guy.  Perhaps he would know something, but she stopped before entering with a new thought.  What if her secret admirer was him?? She peered through the glass and looked around.  Sure enough he was inside, sitting at a corner table alone reading.  She took a deep breath and went inside.  It will be better to confront him now and put an end to it before it got too far.

“Excuse me?”  The man looked up from his newspaper somewhat annoyed that she interrupted him.  When he realized it was her his annoyance grew deeper.

“What do YOU want?”  She put the pendant on the table in front of him and waited.  “Are you… giving this to me?”

“No.  I wondered if it looked familiar to you.”

“And why should it?”

“Someone sent it to me today…at the museum.  I figured you…well, you know I work there and you’re into astrology like I am so I….”  She felt her face get hot.  “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to figure this out.  Thank you.  I”m sorry I disturbed you.”  She turned to go.

“You have a secret admirer don’t you?”  Emma turned back around.  “Thought so.”  His quirky grin broadened.  “I shouldn’t help you, especially the way you treated me.”  Emma opened her mouth to protest but thought better of it there in public.

“Do you know anything about this?”

“No.  Sorry, but if you tell me everything I could help you figure it out.  I love this stuff.”  He rubbed his hands together as he became increasingly more eager.

“There isn’t much to tell.  I went to Miss Cleo and she told me to watch for signs.  Next thing I know there are signs everywhere, practically pushing me down.”

“Maybe you are just noticing them more now.”

“That’s what Hilana said.”  Emma began to wonder if that was the case.  She picked up her bag and thanked her newest colleague before leaving.

“Come back anytime!  I’m always here!”  Emma walked out the door thinking the man was a little too eager to help her. She shivered at the thought of becoming allies with him but didn’t completely throw out the idea.

5~Emma: The Gift


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