20 Signs He Really Likes You & It’s Not Infatuation!

Falling in love with someone who loves you too is the most beautiful experience in one’s life.

Because I love you,
You are all that I ever think,
Because I love you,
I have begun dreaming again,
Because I love you,
I have learnt to live with the pain,
Because I love you,
I have become compassionate,
Because I love you,
I am who I am !

shilpa sandesh

Is It Love Or Infatuation?

Have you been thinking a lot about that guy lately? After we have talked tried to differentiate Love from Lust, Obsession from LoveCould it be love or just an infatuation? Well, If you are standing in the land of doubts, then read forth to know if you really are in love:

  • Love is an enormous affection that you feel for him/her whereas in infatuation you have an emotional requirement or urgency of him/her which is most of the time unreasonable. Infatuation in the terminology of contemporary youth means having a crush on someone.
  • A firm sense of faithfulness, responsibility and a heart to sacrifice for others defines love, whereas, a sexual desire, attraction powerful enough to make you fall into wrong choices or uncertain and perilous choices stand to define infatuation.
  • Where on one hand if you value things in your life, it’s because of the existence of love, on the other hand, in infatuation, you tend to incautiously and carelessly abandon what you have for the mere fulfilment of a bunch of unjustified whims and desires, whether financial or sexual.
  • One of the most important distinction between these two kinds of attractions is that love usually happens eventually while infatuation happens instantly.
  • Love is all about heart’s and mind’s rejuvenation which in most of the cases leads to the beautiful union of marriage and togetherness. Infatuation begins spontaneously and ends spontaneously as well. If infatuation is mistaken for love by any one of the people, all it leads to is a heart break or a one sided love.
  • Where love is not just about physical attraction, infatuation is all about bodily desirability or allure.

They do not love that do not show their love. The course of true love never did run smooth. Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. There is no evil angel but Love.”
― William Shakespeare

How To Tell If A Man Loves You?

Man with a gift box and flowers standing in front of the formula of love

The first thing that hovers around your thoughts when you are head over heels for him is to know if he loves you too or not. You surely don’t want to end up in a single sided love story! Read ahead to know the most promising signs to know if your love interest has similar feelings for you too:

  • If he wishes to know more about you as in your goals, desires or wishes and patiently and interestedly pays attention to you, he definitely is more than just attracted towards you.
  • A man’s eyes wouldn’t leave your looks ever, and we are talking about the looks of positive admiration.
  • If he is in love with you, he would not leave any chance of that warm hug of affection and care.
  • Whether a pat on your hand while laughing, or a slight tickle in your belly while you joke around, your man would try to make slight physical contacts frequently.
  • You guy is always happy and ecstatic to introduce you to his bunch of buddies every now and then. That’s his proud moment and a sign that he deeply is in love with you.
  • Every man wants a girl whom he would love to meet his family. If you are the one he proposes to meet his parents, you are the one he truly loves.
  • He always try to stay in touch as frequently as possible, through raining text messages or phone calls, he is always there, which suggests that he for sure loves you.
  • He is not an error finder, that is to say that he likes you the way you are, without a willingness to bring about a change.
  • Your closeness with your other male friends might make him jealous. This is one of the most sure shot signs concluding his love for you.
  • A future with you is something he dreams of. He would every now and then talk of random future situations with you.
  • Your man runs to see you even in the middle of an important meeting, just because you wished so, is another confirmed sign of his excessively growing affection for you. In a way he cancels all his engagements for you.
  • You are surprised with flowers and gifts for no apparent reason or occasion means he is in all his form to lure you with his love.
  •  If he ends up complimenting you even if you are not in one of those special attires or wearing a make up, the guy has fallen for you!
  • Even if he isn’t too emotional in his actual self, his sentimental self is always on a high when it’s about you.

Men learn to love the woman they are attracted to. Women learn to become attracted to the man they fall in love with.”
― Woody Allen

How To Know If A Woman Loves You?

Businesswoman is distracted thinking about boyfriend surprise

Well, men are known to be most shy when it’s about confession of love. It is most of the time due to that feeling of being in doubt regarding whether your lady loves you too or not! Following are some of the signs which say that she is as much in love with you as you are with her:

  • Celebrating every single success is a woman’s way of expressing her affection for you.
  • Frequent physical touch such as running fingers in your hair or your neck while you talk reflects her more than just affection for you.
  • Believe it or not, fragrances matter a lot to every lady. That is to say that if your beloved is fond of how you smell, she is fond of you! Weird, but true!
  • She wishes to know all about your day just to hear you and know about your every moment. She indirectly thus tries to become a part of your daily life.
  • Her presence is always there when you need her which shows the intensity of her love for you.
  • Even in your absence, your lady frequently makes you the subject of conversation which signifies that you rule not just her heart but her thoughts too!
  • Even if she is a non believer of public display of affection, your lady simply loves and relishes the moment when you hold her hand publicly.
  • Whatever you say, is not just heard, but acknowledged politely and lovingly.

How To Know If You Are In Love!

Signs To Know If He/She Loves You!
Much has been suggested and discussed about your love interests. It’s time for some self analysis. How sure are you that the feelings that you carry for him/her are love and not just a momentary attraction or a short lived passion? Just so you don’t misjudge your own feelings as those of love or be sure that you truly are in love, following are some tips worth pondering over:

  • When you care about a person despite of his faults or short comings and without a willingness to correct those, you are in love. Eg: there are situations of argument or disagreements in every kind of relation. In a romantic relation, if in a scenario where he/she is louder, you prefer to keep it low and are less argumentative at the given moment, this suggests your heartfelt interest and love for him/her.
  • Feeling of being secure in a relationship means a lot especially for women. If you feel sturdy and safe in the company of your man, then you are for sure in love!
  • If you are truly in awe of him/her, you would look past your moments with him/her and even the thought of a life without his/her presence would seem unacceptable to you. Such a feeling of intense passion and affection is the true love.
  • Whether good or bad, you are always willing to blurt it out to your partner suggests you being totally smitten by him/her.
  • You stand as strong as a wall whenever you are required to defend your beloved even if it means fighting it out with your family or parents.
  • Except for your partner, no other person of opposite sex seems attractive in a romantic way to you, it suggests you loyal love towards your partner.

Love has not one or two, but many definitions and ways of expressions. Read these signs and know if you actually have been ignoring his/her signs of being in love with you!

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