Are You Thinking Of Becoming A Sugar Baby?

Leaping ahead a mile from our usual subjects of discussions pertaining to marriage and love and romance, we would be taking up something entirely unusual which doesn’t really come with a promise of all the readers finding it too catchy. This would be one sugary article with its centre stage performers as sugar babies, sugar mummies and sugar daddies. Read on to be more than amazed!

While the name might sound really sweet but the entire practice and understanding its origins left me to aghast. Who is a sugar mummy or a sugar daddy or a sugar baby? Why does our society need them? Or does our society really need them? Or is it an open practice or a discreetly carried out ones? Let’s leave no questions unanswered, so here begins a thorough contemplation of the subject:

Understanding The Meaning Of Sugar baby/mummy/daddy

The sugar bowl is not always sweet. For all those who want to know about this concept of hooking or want to jump into one, following are some basic information for the readers and the beginners regarding the same:

  • The Sugar Baby is synonymous to being an escort. But the only difference being that you are not necessarily into a physical relation.
  • The Sugar Daddy is the older and wealthy loner who hooks up with a much younger lady (sugar baby) to overcome the emotional needs, the need of a companion without commitment, sometimes for the physical needs too. In return these males provide for the financial assistance of their female counterparts or any other needs.
  • The Sugar Mummies also known as cougars look for a companionship with younger men in return of filthy wealth they owe. Just like sugar daddies, they seek companions for their various needs.

The sugar babies are just like dream girls/prince for their elder and obscenely rich seekers. But life is not that easy as it might sound to be under the shelter of an overflowing and ever available wealth.

What Leads To Youngsters Becoming Sugar Babies

It’s not always out of choice that a young girl or a young boy diverts and jumps into the sugar bowl. Following are some of the scenarios that turns a man or a woman into a sugar baby:

  • Financial Needs- This is one of the most obvious and in maximum cases the reason for youngster seeking a rather easier way. Even though college or school expenditures can be taken care of with some hard work by working part time etc. but seeking a helping hand from a money loaded lavish man or a woman in return to their whole self seems to be an easier solution for the same.
  • Lavish Needs- Everyone wishes for a luxurious and bountiful lifestyle replete with extravagant possessions. But not all earn it the hard way. Hooking up with a filthy rich man or a woman who himself/herself is fluttering for a companion sounds like a fun way to some. An easy and exuberant life, lots of travel to various destinations, countless gifts and all in exchange of whole time, some sex and a companionship, some youth wouldn’t really care to give it a second thought!
  • Career Opportunities- The fact isn’t hidden that rich men and women are well acquainted with the best who’s who of the society. In building a career these links serve to be an easy step forth and helpful. A young man or woman looking for a fast growth in career might feel more pleasured in hooking up with and get well connected with one such sugar daddy or sugar mummy. It is believed by most of the sugar babies that connections is the best gift a sugar daddy or sugar mummy can possibly bestow a sugar baby with!
  • Loneliness- This is one reason that stands common between the sugar babies and their sugar daddies or mummies. Even the younger men or women tend to become a loner owing to relationship abuses or disheartenments. This leads to them accepting a hand or an emotional support whichever way it comes from.

What Leads To Becoming A Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mummy

The relationship which is non committal and is more like a hook up between a younger man/woman with an older and richer man/woman is like a debate or a clash between youth and vigour with maturity and guarantee of a cover and care. Let’s contemplate over the reasons that tends to make a man or a woman sugar daddy or sugar mummy respectively:

  • Loneliness- As mentioned above, this is one of the typical reasons between sugar babies and sugar daddies/mummies to be so. In a later age various situations make a man/woman a loner, such as demise of one’s spouse, dissatisfaction etc. that leads them to seek accomplice outside their bounds or their extravagant world. All they wish for is mostly a companion who could be with them and for them whenever they want.
  • Boredom- Ennui from the daily lifestyle with responsibilities of family and kids make some men and women frustrated of their monotonous life and all they wish is some moments of freedom from all that they are liable to. A sexual experimentation of inclination outside their relation makes them a seeker for relation outside their marriage or commitment. This thus leads to a secret affair or affairs with younger opposite sex people with their own set of needs.
  • Ego Booster- With age comes an increased ego. And this ego becomes a reason for conflicts with a partner of similar age and maturity. When an elder man or woman of an abundant worth forms relations with younger men and women with temporary romantic interests, the relation is a result of their wealth. Thus being mature and having an upper hand due to financial abundance, they get an opportunity to be dictatorial or have an upper hand always. This becomes a way to shed their ego.

Disadvantages of Being In A Sugar (Baby-Daddy/Mummy) Relationship

Whatever be the needs, genuine or dubious, certain or uncertain, the non committal and temporal relations formed between a young man/woman with an older and wealthier counterpart has it’s own pitfalls when it comes to being a part of the society. Even though most of such couples intend to be in secrecy but it’s a small world and such collaborations are not hidden for long from the eyes of the gossip mongers, right? Following are some disadvantages regarding being one of these three sugary selves:

  • Societal Unacceptance- An older super rich man walking holding hands with his younger and visibly a partner for needs isn’t accepted in certain societies still. These thus either become the laughing stock in such societies or a dinner table subject for discussion.
  • When it’s about sugar babies, where you might have huge allowances, resources too easily accessible for your age and so on, you are out of choice convinced to lead a secretive life. This might make you stand out amongst your peers, which is obviously not for very favourable reasons!
  • At some stage during this inconstant and unpledged relation, one of the partners might unnaturally fall for the other where for the other it is a mere agreement of a temporary or a need satisfying companionship. This leads to heart breaks and an emotionally distraught self.
  • Another disadvantage for the sugar babies being that they are judged every now and then by their older partners. This comes out naturally due to the older selves being experienced and more mature. The only escape being becoming thick skinned.
  • Such relations are made with lack of emotions and zero attachments leaving it to be a merely materialistic relationship of sorts.
  • For the sugar daddies and sugar mummies such relations can be a real pocket snatchers. It is obvious that a younger woman looks for deeper pockets in such hook ups and availing them with gifts and resources becomes a daily job for the rich men which financially does tend to become a burden at some point.
  • It is a fact worth accepting that such a relation is unmatched and is not tantamount. As a result of which the younger partner has to remain a stone when it comes to being handled insolently. The rules of the relationships are laid down by the older partner.
  • For the sugar babies, all sugar daddies aren’t dashing and attractive just as you saw in those movies!

The relationships as discussed above are profane and earthy and have no sentiments attached. It is sometimes due to genuine and unescapable circumstances and mostly due to greed and sensual needs. So if you are planning to be a part of this soup, you got to be firm with certain rules of this section of society.

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  1. HIMANSHU Kumar Ray December 30th, 2019

    The Sugar Baby is synonymous to being an escort. But the only difference being that you are not necessarily into a physical relation.
    I think this is the most important line!

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