For Skeptics Who Disregard Astrology

Its not uncommon for me to meet people who have negative attitude towards Astrology and totally discard it. I always wonder what makes them think like that. I mean one is expected to have a neutral opinion about something they know little about. Human life is a very complicated phenomenon and one must not be in a hurry to conclude anything about it.

Here’s an excerpt of someone who posted about many things including Jyotish:


For most of my life I was a complete skeptic about astrology and thought people who talked about their “signs” were dimwits.  Then in the 1990s, a friend told me about an Indian astrologer, a jyotishi named Sharma, a professor of astrology at Benares University, who was one of Maharishi’s advisers and was visiting Austin.  I decided to schedule a consultation.  Couldn’t be much harm.   Mr. Sharma turned out to be extremely old, almost blind, and unable to speak English.  On his hands were a dazzling array of jeweled rings.  Next to him was a middle-aged Indian engineer who was operating a computer with an astrology program and serving as Sharma’s translator.   A friend took notes.  I provided him with my birth date, time and place and Sharma proceeded to tell me in accurate detail all about my parents, the fact that I had one sister, all the major events in my life.  He accurately told me what my concerns were now and gave me advice on how to handle them.  I barely had said a word and my mind was blown.

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  1. basket random December 27th, 2022

    I made the decision to schedule a consultation. It couldn’t do any harm. Mr. Sharma turned out to be very old, nearly blind, and unable to communicate in English.

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