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Love, as we hear the word, we have our own respective beautiful perspectives and definitions of it. Saying ‘I Love You’ is the simplest and the most straightforward way to confess or express love, but it definitely isn’t the only way or expression. Having debated over some intense subjects of marriages, break-ups, and moving on guides etc. in our previous write ups, here is some light and romantic discussion on the expressions of love.

Ways To Express Love

A man propose marriage to woman at sea beach in many candle lights against sunset- St.Valentines Day romantic concept

Ever considered expressing love non-verbally? When you have intense feelings of affection for someone, you feel like to express your fondness and sentiments associated with that person. Love can be expressed both verbally and non-verbally.

Top Direct Ideas to Express Your Love

  • Complement: When you are in love with her, you would see her blush with appreciation and joy whenever you would complement her in one way or the other, eg: on a coffee date with her, praise her looks, her eyes or her entire presence.
  • Deliverance of Complement- Complementing is incomplete without being delivered in a romantic manner. When in love, what could be better than looking in her eyes while telling her how ravishing she looks!
  • Expressions of Concern- Conveying love is intensified with the expressions of consideration. When you love someone you want the best for him/her, be it your financial concerns, safety concerns or health concerns.
  • Saying every now and then those three words (I Love You) isn’t too tough, is it?
  • Texting to express your love shouldn’t be the major medium to convey your feelings to him/her, no expressions are as intense as expressed in person.
  • Avoid over expectations. It is natural that you would love to hear the expressed love back in return. But it is not necessary that your feelings would be reciprocated at the same time, so don’t lose the moment and be content that you could express your feelings for him/her.
  • Your conveyance of your feelings are worth being expressed provided done at a proper time and a proper place. It is important that you select some place free of hustle bustle and which lends you some privacy.
  • Sometimes, you might be answered with a silence from the one you love. It is better in such a situation to not fuel the silence, rather take up some random subject to divert from the discomfort of silence.

Top Indirect Romantic Ways to Express Your Feelings

Non-verbal ways to express love are as effective and romantic as the verbal ones. Here are some of the recommended ways to tell your feelings of love to someone-

  • Writing a letter is the most romantic and grand ma years’ ways to say that you love him/her. Romantic words accompanied with some chocolates or flowers are still the best ways to express your deep fondness for your love interest.
  • Eye contact and your smile are capable of conveying more than you think they can. When at a public place or a café, on few opportunities, make eye contact with him/her and give a quick smile and hold your gaze and then look away.
  • Your absence says a lot. Avoid being present all the time and let the other person read your feelings without you being there.
  • Nervousness can kill the effect of your expressions. Present yourself in front of him/her with confidence. You can use some ways to suppress the evident nervousness by keeping your hands folded together or in your pockets.
  • Few slight physical contacts are always a bonus while expressing love, eg: A pat on the back or on the hands while talking, or a quick hug is not much an effort.
  • Some minor favours speak tons about you, eg: if she has mistakenly dropped her handkerchief or any other belonging, there’s no harm picking it up for her or pull the chair to help her sit when you have entered a restaurant etc.

How To Say “I Love You”?

The three golden words of love have more than just the three vocables to express so:

  • It’s time for some expansion in the field of vocabulary. Learn to use different phrasal expressions to replace the usual ‘I love you’, eg: “I am the luckiest person on this earth since I have you” or “You are the reason of my existence” etc.
  • Join in your verbal expressions with some gifts or card or a bouquet of flowers.
  • Replace the too serious an attitude with your childish self.
  • Make sure your body language and the facial expressions well accompany your verbal expressions. In other case your verbal conveyance might count as a fake expression of love.
  • A touch on her/his hands while you convey your feelings or any other kind of slight physical touch is a positive step forth in your possible affair with him/her.
  • In case you are already in a relationship with commitment then it is advisable that you spare some time from your daily routine for your beloved on a regular basis, this would include keeping aside your smart phone any other gadgets or involvement while you are spending quality time with him/her.
  • Going on dates even if you are married or committed is important to keep the spark on. It is to say that there is no set rule that love needs to be expressed only before an affair or commitment. If you have children, it doesn’t mean date nights are over. A schedule can always be worked out to reignite the past romanticdates.
  • You must be one of the best speakers or immensely outstanding at communicating your feelings or thoughts but it is always recommended to be a good listener as well.

Dos And Don’ts When In Love

When in love and you are yet to express or have expressed it to him/her, you are bound to have some mixed feelings. If not expressed yet, you might have doubts of whether or not your feelings are going to be answered the way you expect them to be; when expressed but not reciprocated to your expectations; when expressed and reciprocated positively and the thoughts of how long it would go hover around you all the time. Following are some tips worth taken into account if you fall in any of these described categories:

  • Be true to your feelings. There is nothing wrong about being in love or expressing love. A feeling of being in love is intense and there are no two views about the same.
  • Anything over expressed or overdone loses its meaning. Saying that you love someone once a day holds the meaning where as if the same is done a dozen times a day, it surely loses its value.
  • Texting to express yourself is always a nice step towards enhancing an emotionalintimacy.
  • It is obvious that in view of impressing your love interest you would end up changing yourself. The point is to say that do not change yourself in the process of loving the person of your dreams.
  • Do not discourage yourself from expressing your fondness to the person you love. Even if it means being rejected, it’s worth a try than to stay in a dilemma wondering, “What if I had expressed myself?”
  • Sometimes people take long to reciprocate their feelings of love. In such a case, patience is the key to a successful romanticaffair.

Love is the most beautiful feeling of all and being loved by the person you love is the ultimate experience. Step ahead into the splendid moments of love and romance.

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  1. Gabriella Eva Nagy July 11th, 2020

    Thanks for this great article!
    Expressing your love is important not just because it helps you become a better person, but also because it allows you to establish strong and honest relationships with other people.
    Please read my blog about The Importance of Expressing Your Love
    Hope this will also help, Thank you!

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