How to handle relationship stress?

Relationship Stress

How to handle relationship stress?
Last time around, we discussed about saving marriages and understanding things that were never said. This time, let us talk! For, if you don’t, you will end up heartbroken and lonely. There is nothing wrong with your relationship, it is just that you are extremely stressed of each other and hence, are weighing in heavy on each other. This is a stage that all the serious relationships go through. In fact, something is wrong or pretentious with your relationship if you haven’t ever reached this stage. Here are a few ways in which you can unwind with each other –

Be someone that brings out the best in you not the stress in you…
– Unknown

Avoid sex completely for a week or a month

Don’t touch each other and don’t make a move. No matter how badly you want it, don’t do it. The wait is going to add to your frustration but in the time that you would otherwise spend making love, you will find other things to do together including talk. It is going to be difficult initially and might even give you Goosebumps but the two of you will gradually come around. Moreover, after all this while, when you finally have sex, it is going to be well worth it.

Go on a date together

Remember the first time you did it and how thrilled and excited you felt? Well, it is time you relived the old thrill and the old excitement. If you don’t feel it anymore, then trust us, you need to walk away. Your relationship has little chance of getting better. This is the bitter and the brutal truth of it. If you can’t rekindle the love you had on your first date, there is a good chance that the both of you have moved on completely but are together because you have gotten used to each other. So, man up and move on!

Go to an unusual place

Do not go to the places that you frequent regularly. Go to a place where you have never ever been to and you don’t have any memories of it. If possible, make a pact that you will not talk about the memories you have made at other places over here. A fresh start will take the both of you a long way ahead. Thus, go to a place you have never been to and create new memories. You will enjoy the experience of going to a new place with someone who is extremely close to you.

Read the same book

Yes, you heard it right. Read the same book together. Of course, buy your own copies and read it. Race against each other, discuss the characters, the sequences and the events and see where it takes you. You will feel a completely different level of closeness to each other just because you are reading the same book.

Start wearing his clothes

This one is only for the ladies! Wear his extra large shirts and T-shirts at home and wear nothing else. Oh! That is so going to leave them begging for you, you have no idea. Do it all the time and watch them come home absolutely crazy for you every single day. You are going to love the thrill of this.
How to handle relationship stress?

Explore different areas

The regular sex routine often gets boring. Try something absolutely different. Do it at an extremely weird place in the house or explore into areas such as BDSM etc. You are going to love the thrill that the newness brings into the relationship.


Don’t have sex, just cosy up next to each other. Put on a nice romantic song and make out on it. Try not to go all the way for as long as you can and enjoy the romance. Remember the last time you were a cuddly couple?

Get her very sexy lingerie

Find out what her size is and get her the sexiest possible lingerie. If not lingerie, get her a sex dress. It is the kind of dress that one wears only while having sex with their partner. The dress is patterned in such manner. It will turn her very kinky when she sees that dress. And what happens after that! Wink 😉
How to handle relationship stress?

Sex Toys

If you have never been into these, they will leave you intimidated at first. However, try one of the basic toys such as a vibrator and see where it takes your adrenaline. The 2 of you are going to want each other like never before.

Make random calls

If you spend a huge part of the day away from each other, which is very likely and is the case most of the times, give each other a call out of the blue. Drop naughty text messages in the middle of the day or just drop in simple “I love you”s and “I miss you”s. How they tingle your partner’s insides you can never imagine. Watch them beam at you when you get home from a long tiring day at work. The look on their face will brighten your day.

Take a holiday

Go on a long holiday together. Cut off completely from work and from everything else and devote all your time to each other. Rekindle your romance on this holiday. Treat it like a second honeymoon. In fact, if you are really into each other, you will start to reconnect as soon as you have started arranging the holiday.

Stay Away from each other

Maybe, the 2 of you have spent too much time together. Take time off each other and go out all by yourself or with your friends minus your partner. After a long time, you are on your own and you might be flustered at first. However, once you have found comfort in yourself, you will start to enjoy your partner’s absence. After all, enjoying their absence is of as much importance as is enjoying their presence. If you can enjoy without them, it means that you are not a very clingy person.

It’s not important to have all the best things in the world to be happy. Find happiness in relationships with people rather than material things.
– Unknown

However, at times, in spite of everything that you try, things don’t just seem to work out. In such case, it is time that you reconsider your relationship and take a decision. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you made incorrect choices. Sometimes, it isn’t meant to be and destiny has different plans. Sometimes, things fall apart for no one’s fault. So, you don’t have to beat yourself up over it. Relax, work things out and take a rational decision.

The decisions that you take could be one of the following and here is a helping guide that will make dealing with things easy –


You might decide to walk out on it all but don’t do it unless you have tried everything that you possibly could do. For, you don’t want to look back at things in regret and hence, give it your best shot. Moreover, your partner deserves so much at least. For all you know, things might still work out.

Talk it out

Force your partner to sit down and have a heart to heart with you. Nothing improves things more than a talk. Hence, talk to your partner and see where things go. Talking can often be a solution to a large number of problems including a stressful relationship.

Lastly, no matter what you do, have faith in yourself and believe in doing the right thing. Our conscience always points us out towards the right direction and warns is when we are headed wrong. If we paid enough attention, we’d know. Hence, listen to your inner conscience and take the decision that you feel is right. Once you have done so, hold on to your decision with all your might.


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