Partner in Jail – Finding Love and Forgiveness

If reality TV shows are anything to go by, there is no shortage of crime in the world. However, there is also no shortage of love in the world. While it is true that, love triumphs all, it is also true that nothing and no one can escape the law. So, when you are in a relationship with a criminal, how are you going to deal with it? It isn’t possible to escape the fear that comes with loving a criminal. It is human and natural. For, there is always a danger of your lover turning criminal on you. Is there a way to deal with the fear? Should you be fearful at all?

Well, there are many angles to crime and whether you need to be fearful at all and if you should be dealing with your fear etc. will depend on the kind of criminal you are dealing with. If the problem is psychological and/or emotional, then counselling can help. However, if it is anger, then you should definitely be afraid and have taken precautionary measures already.

Yet, no one is born a criminal and you wouldn’t know what circumstances have turned your partner into a criminal until you were really close. Thus, if you are aware of their situation, try and understand things from their point of view. This way, you will be in better control of things and will feel less vulnerable. Help them to get through their trauma as best as you can. There is little you can do except for standing by them as a firm pillar.

‘Great Expectations’

It might feel like too much is expected out of you but then it is oft said that love makes us do things you’d never known you could. So, if you truly love your criminal, give it all it takes. It is going to be a tough journey but if you do make it through, it is going to be well worth it.

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Remember even a lawbreaker is a human being and while laws are meant for our protection, they are also meant to be broken. Your love is no child to take decision owing to short temperedness or just for the sake of vengeance. There has to be more to it than what appears on the surface. However, scraping the surface and digging beneath in order to find the facts may not be easy but it may turn out to be a necessity.

Delinquent Consequences

Delinquencies have consequences. It could be jail, death or even absconding depending upon the person, the crime and the nature of your relationship. Your lover may or may not choose to inform you about his or her actions and whereabouts and it all depends on whether or not, you want to deal with it. When walking away from a person involved in illegal and scandalous activity, there is also a fear of the person jerking and jolting back at you which could leave you with irreparable scares.

The best of criminals find admirers and so do the worst of them. It isn’t for nothing that villains turn into heroes.

The Holocaust was the most evil crime ever committed. – Stephen Ambrose

Yet, Adolf Hitler has no trouble finding people who look up to him even today. No, your criminal might not be a Hitler but there will be others in his or her circles who will give him or her just as much respect and will look up to him or her. This is plainly going to encourage your partner towards crime. It is up to you to keep him or her away from wicked company. This isn’t going to be easy and you might stand to lose more than you can give away and hence, before things go awry, you have to make your choice about getting involved or staying away.

For, you will not be able to turn away once you have gotten yourself involved into the game. You could make your choices based upon the kind of criminal that your partner is. He or she could have entered the crime world by accident, owing to peer pressure or owing to some kind of helplessness. However, if you do find out that his or her crimes are because of feelings such as jealousy, lust, greed etc. then you’d do good to walk out on them before it’s too late.

Big Crimes and Small Crimes Ought not to be Treated Alike

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the kind of crime that your so called partner is involved in. It could be petty things like drug abuse or stealing or it could be heinous crimes such as murder and rape. The decision should be clear depending upon the crime but sadly, life isn’t so simple. Your decision will not be based upon just the crime but at the same time, you need to remember you cannot judge your relationship on the basis of the norm.

Crime is a product of social excess. – Vladimir Lenin

It is Abnormal and You Better Accept that

You will have to look beyond the norm because that is exactly where you stand when in love with a criminal. Yes, other factors such as love, respect, loyalty, trust, faith etc. will also come into play but the nature of these will be very different from when you are dating an absolutely normal person. The parameters and methods of judging the relationship will change drastically. However, one of the most important things that you should be taking care of at this point in time is your ownself.

Take Care of Yourself

You could fall victim to a crime, blame could fall upon you when you are absolutely innocent or you could be thought of as someone who was involved in the crime just because you were talking to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Thus, you have to be an alert on all times because for all you know, you are being entrapped in the web of love and will suddenly be caught unawares. Thus, take care of all these things before you enter into a relationship with someone who is a crook.

Deal, Deal, Deal,

Deal with it all….

You may have to deal with them absconding and in the process abandoning you or taking you away with them while they abscond. All the while, the decision is completely yours and what to do is entirely up to you. Remember this and always have some tricks up your sleeve such as a knife, an app, 911 on speed dial and if possible, a licensed gun. It would also be wise to carry pepper spray because it is more effective and less damaging than a gun.

While it may sound like a fairytale ending to die for love, the reality is grim. You don’t want to pay with your life just for the fact that you fell in love with a certain felon. Hence, the precautions are an absolute necessity.

At the same time, if your partner is in jail, you need to decide whether or not you want to abandon them. Ensure that you inform your partner what your decision is. If you choose to continue dating them and wish to visit them, figure out if they repent their crime at all. For, if you have the slightest of doubt, you’d do well to walk as far away from them as you can because it is going to affect your life in a negative manner in the long run and you don’t want that happening.

Dating a criminal is no easy task and you are trading on thin ice over here. Tread carefully or you will sink in before you have even had time to think. Surely, there are better ways to die and in fact, there are better ways to live. Do yourself a favour and live a good life, with or without your criminal partner. It is your happiness that matters at the end of the day and if you are happy paying with your life, then no one should be stopping you from it.

The worst crime is faking it. – Kurt Cobain

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    Once a criminal, forever a criminal. That’s what I think. I condemn and don’t understand all this fuss about people who found it acceptable to break the law. What if he killed his neighbor or raped someone? Why should you support this bastard? Let the jail support him! And you need to read and find a normal partner who will love and support you instead.

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