Mars Transit 2020: Unraveling the Fiery Planet’s Impact on Your Astrological Realms

Key Takeaways

  • Mars’ transit through the zodiac signs brings both energy and challenges.
  • The effects of Mars’ transit vary depending on the house it occupies in an individual’s astrological chart.
  • Understanding the effects of Mars’ transit can help individuals harness its energy for positive change and growth.

Once upon a time in the cosmic realm, fiery Mars embarked on its epic journey across the zodiac, bestowing upon Earthlings a fusion of energy and challenge. ‘To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,’ says Newton, but when Mars spins through the celestial houses, it’s a whole other orbital dance. Buckle up, cosmic travelers, as we blast through the Mars Transit of 2020 and uncover just what this rambunctious red planet has in store for each astrological house!

First House: The Battle of Self

When Mars charges into your first house, it’s like having a double shot of espresso when you’re already late for work; energy soars but so does your temper. You might find yourself coming off a tad ‘Hulk-ish’— great for smashing goals (or just smashing), but beware of the green-eyed monster of ego that lurks within, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting allies in personal battles.

Second House: The Material Quest

As Mars vaults into your second house, it’s as if the planet itself turns into a cosmic Gordon Gekko whispering ‘Greed is good’ in your ear. You’ll be grinding for that coin like it’s going out of astrology. But keep an eye on that fiery temper—while the heat can forge diamonds, it can also incinerate bridges with loved ones over material squabbles.

Third House: The Communicative Cauldron

In the third house, Mars stirs the pot of communication until it bubbles over. It’s ‘action speaks louder than words,’ but the mars-infused words you wield can spark both valor and vendettas. Mood swings are part of the package, so consider yoga or meditation to balance that warrior energy unless you’re plotting to conquer the third house (not recommended).

Fourth House: Home is Where the War Is?

Plop Mars into the fourth house, and it’s like bringing home a bull in a china shop. Anxiety and fiery disputes might flare up, transforming family game night into strategic war games. Strive for peace at the homestead, or you might find yourself frantically gluing together the fine china of relationships.

Fifth House: Romancing the Red Planet

Mars in the fifth house spreads an auspicious glow, like a matchmaker on a mission. Here, you’re the belle of the ball, exuding charm and sparking joy. Relationships bloom like roses, but remember, roses have thorns, and under Mars’ influence, it’s easy to forget. Keep the romance sweet, not scorching.

Sixth House: Discipline and Dominance

Discipline becomes your middle name as Mars marches into the sixth house. This is where tasks get tackled, gym memberships get renewed, and personal records are shattered. On a conquest of challenges, success is just a disciplined stride away. Keep that armor polished, warrior.

Seventh House: Partnerships on the Precipice

With Mars barreling into your seventh house, partnerships might feel like they’re part of an intense courtroom drama. Legal binds could tighten, and words can wound. Tame that aggressive Mars energy to negotiate peace rather than waging a war of words with your closest comrades or partners.

Eighth House: Crises and Conquests

The eighth house is Mars’ dramatic stage where losses loom and defenses are up. Like a knight ready for battle, you’re poised to parry life’s fiery arrows but watch out for accidental self-sabotage. Embrace the high defense without besieging your well-being; remember, even knights take off their armor to rest.

Ninth House: Legal Eagles and Learning Curves

In the land of the ninth house, Mars shakes up the academic and legal order, stirring ambition with a stick of dynamism. Challenges may arise, but they carry the seeds of growth and hard-won victories. Don your robes, may they be academic or judicial, and prepare for a spirited joust with destiny.

Tenth House: Professional Prowess or Pitfalls?

As Mars ascends into the tenth house, your career receives a cosmic caffeine boost. Energy surges, ambitions soar, but don’t let Mars’ impulsive streak lead you into confrontations with the progeny or the protégés. Harness that red-hot drive and the workplace might just become your kingdom.

Eleventh House: Balancing Bonds and Bank Accounts

The eleventh house becomes a haven of harmony as Mars swings by, gracing you with the patience of a saint (or at least someone who meditates). Financial and social spheres brim with potential, but be vigilant—keep your friends close, your bank account closer, and your conflicts at bay.

Twelfth House: Navigating the Nebulous Night

When Mars meanders into the twelfth house, it feels like someone turned out the lights during hide-and-seek. Grief and financial fog may set in, but don’t despair. Keep your wits about you, find strength in solitude, and seek the silver lining—it’s there, beyond the shadows, waiting to be discovered.

Bonus: Did you know Mars takes approximately 687 Earth days to orbit the sun? That’s almost double our 365-day year! And remember, Mars’ influence during its transit is a call to action. Embrace its fiery presence to ignite change and growth, but control the blaze before it becomes a wildfire. As they say, keep your friends close, your enemies on a different planet, and your astrologer on speed dial.

In conclusion, while Mars’ transit might seem like a celestial rollercoaster, by understanding its effects, we can buckle up and enjoy the ride. The red planet may be militant, but it’s also a masterful motivator. Align your armor and charge forth into the year, using the energy of Mars to conquer the cosmic challenges ahead. And remember, in the grand scheme of the universe, we’re all just stardust trying to shine. Keep glowing!


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