Need advice, relationship related, birth charts included. Scorpio problems.

I’ve been with Sag 4 years We just don’t connect, no intimacy, no one is happy or progressing. We had a daughter and became better people, he was an alcoholic before he met me and we have supported each other to success but have plateaued.   We still love each other and agree we are best friends who want the other to be happy.   Our love is more of the type of love you feel for a close friend or family member. We will always be good friends but don’t fulfill certain needs that are important for one another and we tried but failed to change that.   me scorp sun gemini moon and he is scorp sun virgo moon Scorp met me before Sag and they used to be close friends, Scorp always was in love with me (had no idea) we connected recently and seem to be on the same wave length.   We have this DEEP INTENSE connection that is driving me insane, I would still take it slow though since we both left relationships that ended a long time ago.   We just keep saying things that are so perfect, like exactly what each other is looking for (craving for).   Also I have never met anyone who could sexually please me Sag is a selfish lover and I am a giver, Scorp seems to want to fulfill everything I have ever dreamed of. Sorry I just want some insight and am new to this.   Me and Sag have tried and it ends in more turmoil and we end up more distant, I also live across the country ATM from scorp but I am going to get a place with a friend and he says that there is nothing left for him back in my hometown.   The place is a dead end drug town with no jobs, I think I could motivate and push him like I did Sag but maybe get the same compassion and Love back….   Sorry I’m nervous with butterflies and am babbling, I’m also going back to visit in april and am going to meet up with him.   Should I pursue it?

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  1. Ask Oracle March 11th, 2015

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