Saturn’s transit to Leo on July 15 2007 aka Sadhe Sati

The Oracle is here to guide you against the latest celestial happening: Saturn’s transit this July.

You Ask: Tell me what is this hype all about, regarding Saturn?
The Oracle: Sometimes people experience Saturn’s transits as negative–yet their ultimate effects in one’s life are positive. Saturn loves justice. It punishes for crimes and rewards for goodness. Practically it teaches us to live life the right way, you harm (or plan to harm) someone and Saturn will do the justice.

As per Vedic Astrology (which is entirely based on Moon as reference) Saturn (a.k.a Shani) shall transit into Leo (Moon Sign) on 15th July 2007 and stay there for next 2 and a half years. Please keep is mind all these facts are with respect to your moon sign which is determined by your time of birth.

You Ask: What’s the difference between Moon Signs and Sun Signs?
The Oracle: Western astrology is entirely based on Sun as reference. So in Western Astrology we talk about Sun Signs. Vedic Astrology is different; all calculations are based w.r.t. Moon, so in Vedic Astrology we talk about Moon Signs.

A Sun Sign is nothing but tells position of Sun at your date of birth. Similarly a Moon Sign is tells position of Moon at your time of birth. According to Vedic Astrology, Saturn will transit into Leo Moon Sign on 15th July 2007. However, this is no big transit in Western Astrology.

You Ask: How can I find my Moon Sign?
The Oracle: If you know your place of birth, time of birth and date of birth, then you can find out your Moon Sign here

You Ask: Tell us more about Saturn’s transit to Leo?
The Oracle: The Planet Saturn takes on an average a little over 29 months to traverse through sign of the zodiac. This can be rounded up to 2.5 years per sign or 30 years for one revolution around the zodiac. Saturn also affects neighbor signs. For e.g. after transit to Leo, Saturn shall affect Cancer and Virgo signs. This phase of 7.5 years repeats again in about 30 years and so, many individuals may experience 2 to 3 such periods during their lifetime. This phase is also popularly known as Sadhe Sati

You Ask: Does this transit of Saturn will have only bad effects and on whom?
The Oracle: During such transits, the native faces tremendous odds in different aspects of life such as Career, finances, family etc. Even though such transits are terrible materialistically, spiritually they are uplifting as Saturn cleans up the native from all past sins and give him chance to live a life with righteousness in later days.

However, the transits are not as bad for all the natives, since it depends on how badly Saturn is afflicting the horoscope.

You Ask: Kindly tell me what effect it will have on my zodiac-good or bad?
The Oracle: First of all you need to know your moon sign. You can get it here

Summary: Saturn’s transit to Leo will bring misfortune for zodiac under Leo, Aries and Scorpio but will bring lots of fortune to Gemini, Libra and mixed effects on Sagittarius. The other signs will not be directly affected by this transit and will bear the moderate effects. I will tell the remedies after the prediction.

This is not considered a favorable transit. It can cause emotional disturbance, & give mental tensions. Problems due to spouse and children will make you tense and there may be ticklish problems relating to children. Love affairs will also be highlighted. You will face disappointments and bewilderment in the sphere of love, affairs. New relationships may enter your life .You will feel as if there is no time for fun. Students may have break in education. Rewards will be disproportionate to the efforts you make. Safeguard investments. This is not a time to gamble or take unnecessary risks with money. Speculation may prove unfruitful. Family affairs are promoted. You can become more religiously inclined. A long pending pilgrimage can be fructifying. Since Saturn remains as you will have the necessary strength and courage to overcome most of these difficulties. Think properly before you act” Should be your watchword.

It will give conflicts at home & at workplace. It will create many a domestic trouble and throw many challenges on your way of success. Unexpected family squabbles may disturb peace of mind. It will be a time of responsibility to your family. There may be concern for an older parent or the need to take care of a child. Saturn will test your self-confidence and patience. Recklessness, anger and unnecessary arguments are to be avoided. Estate and transport affairs will create some unusual tension. Litigation, quarrels with your relatives and outsiders will land you in trouble however you will succeed in litigation and vanquish your enemies after much delay and sustained effort. You may inherit property and acquire a house and vehicle. Professionally you may rise & Increase of regular income also may be possible. For business people if withstand the aggression of his rivals, they will get success and improve their profit margin.

Gemini are going to come out of a life-altering phase imposed by the Sadhe-Sati of Saturn. The dark experiences of the mind, the humiliations and slights imposed by even near and dear ones would be a thing of the past and much humbled you are now ready to embrace the world a new. It is akin to a psychological rebirth.

Strive to recall and remember the forced lessons taught by Saturn who has exposed the secrets of Time to you. It is clear to you that many things are just the way they are and no matter what you may have tried in these 7 and a half years nothing would have shaken the conventional trauma experienced. Failure is only one side of the coin and it is now time to experience the light world of success, frothy and quick. Forgive your enemies for the terrible things they may have said and done to you, and even more importantly view the friends who may have broken your hearts and robbed you of your faith and trust as mere mouthpieces and puppets chosen by your Karma; Move ahead with such positive thoughts having been now freed by Saturn.

This sign is entering the final phase of the Sadhe-Sati of Lord Saturn. This will be pertaining to material striving and achievement. Movable assets, food, home and speech should be watched. Daily work should be carefully and religiously undertaken and enmity shunned. Keep the sentiment ‘this too shall pass’ uppermost in the mind and avail of the authentic remedial measures.

Leo, where Saturn shall transit over the next 2 and a half years beginning the 16th of July, 2007 in the early morning hours. This transit can be a time of intense and personal transformation. The innate pride and exclusivity of the psychological makeup could be thwarted and minimized by the realistic and ponderous pressures of Saturn. Decision making, health and such issues could be troublesome. Work performance will be challenged. In the former scenario it will be the social support and professional recognition and partnership due from people and colleagues that shall dry up; in the latter it shall be the ability to work that will be hampered for some reason. The external manifestation of work, namely the office and tangible professional output, then these areas can struggle to emerge.

Generally speaking, it would be a good idea to seek remedial measures and start performing them. If one were to aid Saturn in this task by free-willed choice and seeking to understand the core of the spiritual nature of the human being and that of life itself, the suffering can be mitigated.

The psychological horizons are about to undergo a sea-change. Saturn in Leo signals the beginning of their Sadhe-Sati and a complete overhauling of the manner in which societal stimuli have been interpreted by the mind. Issues related to home, character and personal life might arise. If health is suspect, recovery from irritating medical conditions might become lingering and slow, much like the deliberate and lame progress of Saturn. If Saturn is malefic and dominant for the horoscope, the next couple of years can be pressing. People may say unjustified things and there may be character-assassination.

One may discover how it feels to have unpleasant things said callously and unreasonably in respect of one’s actions and intent. This can infuse caution and surrender, depending upon the astrological destiny and nature of the person in this incarnation. After the seemingly interminable 7 ½ years, the native will emerge a new person.

For nativities with this zodiacal sign housing the radical Moon, the obstacles and problems in career and achievement in societal participation are about to come to an end with the change in sign placement of Saturn.

Where the relenting occurs, just adjacent to that the trials begin. A symbolic thorn might prick the foot of the Scorpion and the experience of the sting is always testing. This is not a perverted phenomenon but it is cosmically designed to slow down certain aspects while speeding up certain others.
If we come down to the brass tacks, it is a puppet show when it comes to Saturn as it is not willing to oblige, take bribes, accede to requests, being moved by tears, pain, suffering etc. Remedial measures will allow easier breathing and some lightening up. One is immensely grateful that Saturn listens to prayers and will respond, though perhaps not in the way and not to the extent we would ideally prefer. Discard those precious preferences that cause so much suffering: ask the Mind to give them up or at least to view them in a newer light.

Sudden obstacles and impediments in work have been assailing the natives with this Sign. Use this time wisely to reflect on the challenges and slights encountered and tolerated and pave the way for sounder and more secure future courses of action.

It is bad period for you. Life will be quiet unsteady. Saturn’s transit may spoil your health and undiagnosed health problems may be a matter of concern. You may suffer from chronic ailments. Financial matters and all transactions could come under a cloud and strain. Loss of position, wealth is possible. You will face undue delay in recovering long pending dues. Expenditure will be more than income. You are likely to get some unexpected money like from legacy insurance etc. Saturn will delay all your plans and strategies. There will be tensions in domestic affairs and peace of mind will be disturbed. Your family members may turn against you. You may have to put up with impediments in daily routine & confrontations with relations & colleagues. You will learn to depend on yourself and your own ability to make money. Therefore this period should be looked at in a positive way to settle any scores and make things right.

There may be separations or new alliances. Saturn will teach you about relationships in both romantic and professional field. In fact, relationships of all kinds will be tested. Miseries can haunt you on many fronts. It will give reverses and changing career. Health of self and spouse will suffer. You may also leave to a far off place. Partnership in business can be broken and suffer losses. All projects will take long time and obstacles to complete. Gain of wealth after much hard work and difficulties can be there. Although you will be able to protect your financial & official interests to a great extent despite some awkward development yet your rapport with higher authorities may receive set back. This does not mean everything is lost. It depends on the placement of planets in individual’s horoscope. Remedies and prayers also work. Your ability to handle difficult situations and circumstances can also reduce ill effects.

You can now look for better days. You will enjoy all comforts and luxuries to the maximum. This is also a time to get all of the little tasks and projects done that you’ve put off. Enemies will be defeated and you will enjoy the maximum goodwill of your employer & colleagues. Your financial prospects will improve considerably & there will be gain in wealth. Career front will be promising and you can expect growth in carrier like out of promotions etc. If your work has any foreign connection or involves traveling you will certainly get a posting of your choice. Acquisition of vehicle is also there. Those in business will earn roaring profits. They can expand their empire. New projects, change of business and speculation will give good results. Those in medical & legal profession may expect an elevation in their rank. Mortgaged properties may be redeemed now. You can also win a legal battle. You will enjoy conjugal happiness inspire of occasional domestic worries. Domestic front will be full of happiness and gaiety. You will get the necessary help from the family circles. Those unmarried will get married. Students appearing for competitive examinations will certainly get success and will also get lucrative jobs.

You Ask: Huh! Things really getting clear but still how to keep Saturn pleased on ones fortune?
The Oracle: First of all I advice everyone to live life the right way from now. Lies can help you escape Human Laws but not supernatural laws. Saturn punishes for a crime no matter how small or how big it be. I can suggest following remedies for Saturn:

  1. Give alms of black cloth, pulses, cereals or iron as per your capacity.
  2. Wear an iron ring made of horse-shoe or nail from a boat. Don’t wear Blue Sapphire since Saturn is not a benefic planet for you. Wear the iron ring in middle finger of right hand.
  3. Have faith in God and help not harm people.
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