The Guide to Picking up the Right Date

Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.
– Joey Adams

The Guide to Picking up the Right Date

We have talked enough about keeping up a relationship and saving a marriage. Let your relationship expert make it clear to you, choosing the right partner goes a long way in making the relationship work! To begin with, one has to be very careful while choosing a partner.

First and foremost, these are the people you should absolutely avoid –

The one with extra charms

Man with a gift box and flowers standing in front of the formula of love

Trust me, this man has charmed way too many women with his extra sweet demeanor and is totally not worth the effort. If you do go out with him, you will sooner or later find yourself dumped and used. The woman with extra charms is all the more to be avoided. She has been around with way too many guys and is also bound to dump you sooner or later. For, most of the times, those making extra efforts have ulterior motives. These could be anything from sex to money.

The Clingy One

Disgusted woman rejecting a geek boy offering flowers in a blind date in a coffee shop interior

You are absolutely to stay away from the one who pops the question on the first date. If you had to decide to marry someone in a day, you’d rather enter the arrange marriage pact than play the dating game. If things get serious on day one, then it is time to pack your bags and run. Therefore, avoid these completely. You are bound to have much better luck with someone who has a calm, practical and sorted mind.

Mama’s Boys and Daddy’s li’ll Princess

Mother and son playing cards

While it is ok to be close to one’s family and it is also ok to care for them, it is necessary at the same time that one also learns to grow up and take their own decisions. If the person is still dependent on their family for all the decisions, then they aren’t worth it. After all, you don’t want to go out with someone who cannot think for themselves.

The One that is too Available

Desperate ones are probably lonely and in need of help. At the most, they would be depressed. You would be better off putting them in a rehab than mothering/fathering them yourself. You could save the date with them for a later date. Right now, if you wish to avoid getting tangled with them in their web, it is best that you get them help or if they have someone to take care of them, leave them alone. It will surely do you a world of good.

The One that needs a shoulder to cry on

Run with your tail between your legs from this one! You don’t want to get into a relationship wherein you would be hearing about their ex all the time. Probably, they need time to get over it and you will have to give it to them. The relationship will end as soon as they are over their ex if you will enter this one. Thus, avoid the crybaby at all costs.
While there are some that you should avoid, there are men and women that you should totally and absolutely date. Here is a list of men you should definitely go out with –

Do not just look at your boyfriend as just a boyfriend. Look at him as a friend, too.
– Anonymous

The Nerds and The Geeks

These are the shy types. They wouldn’t always come with a caricatured look of huge spectacles and high waist pants. He may look like any other normal guy on the outside but that caricature is indeed hiding inside him. He will not make a move on you and you will have to take the reins in your hands over here. After all, it isn’t for nothing that he is called a nerd! Go ahead, talk to them and you would be surprised at how sweet and considerate of you they are. Oh and mind you! Nerds are the best in bed!

Yes, nerds and geeks are different. Geeks are exceptionally smart, look cool sometimes but are extremely shy when it comes to the opposite sex. Even if you go talk to them, they would be very nervous and flinch. It will take you a few approaches to go ahead and talk to them. However, once the 2 of you have gotten along, the geek is going to be your best bf so far. Go ahead and give the geek a shot!

The Normal Sweet Guy who is friends with everyone and has girls flocking around him most of the time

While this guy may look like a stud, he is actually nice and sweet and hence, has that many friends. On most occasions, these guys are single because they are either friend-zoned or bro-zoned by every girl that they know. Go ahead, talk to them, flirt with them and flatter them. In no time you will find that they are all yours. These guys you should hang on to because they are a gem of a person and it will be difficult to find another like them.

The Hottie who has his eyes set on you

is one is obvious! You would be mad to let this one go. He is hot, he is the right kind of charming and he is crazy for you! Don’t you have everything you wanted? Don’t you have the world now? Of course, you go ahead and date this man. After all, you need to know if what’s beneath that hot surface is well worth it or not.

The one who promises the World

These are hard to find but if you have found your Aladdin’s lamp, then you would be an idiot to let it go. These are rare gems and you should preserve them with all your effort. These species aren’t immediately found; only after you date for a while, you will know whether he is going to bring the world to you or not.

The one who treats you like an equal in the literal sense of the word

He lets you pay the bill and doesn’t flinch when you take a stand and are always in control of yourself. He lets you take important decisions and at times, without blaming you if things go wrong. With this man, you will never feel obliged, judged or weighed down. The 2 of you will be ready to face and figure out the world together.

While this was some dope for the women, here is some for our very own men. Here is a list of women that you should be absolutely dating, no matter what! The Guide to Picking up the Right Date

It is an extra dividend when you like the girl you’ve fallen in love with.
– Clark Gable

The confident one who can always hold her own

She makes no bones about how she feels and is always ready to call you or anyone else out on their faults. She knows what she is doing all the time and is not afraid to ask for help when she falters. You won’t have to keep tackling this woman all the time. She knows how to handle herself and doesn’t need you to wipe off her tears. You will enjoy dating her.

The one who doesn’t get much attention but looks ok

These women will do anything to save a relationship once they fall for you. You know they are all yours at all times and no one else is hitting on them. Talk to them, ask them on a date and you will see magic once they reveal their personality. This chick is definitely your way to go!

The chick who is a bro

This one is not only a winner but also a keeper. She is going to drink beer and watch football with you and your friends and she is not going to stand naked in front of the TV. She will actually enjoy the game. What better could you ask for! This is one chick you should not be losing out on, come what may! However, there is a good chance that it will take you long to woo her.

The Shy one who has a crush on you

It is obvious that the girl likes you and is too shy to approach. Don’t a lot of men love to have a coy girlfriend? Well, this is your chance! It will not take you a lot to woo her considering that she is already interested in you. Ask her out on a date and see where things lead. You never know what lies where, do you?

Thus, here is a list of people you should date and a list of people that you should totally avoid. However, you never know where love is going to lead you and hence, it is always wise to follow your heart whenever love is concerned. For, you don’t know what destiny has in store for you, until you enter the store. The list isn’t a hard and fast one and in some exceptions, you will be way too tempted to break the rules. Any time you feel like that, you must go do it! For, Love Matters!


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