Things women wish men knew

Relationships are largely based on the paradigms of gender differences. While discussing 10 things men hate about women and 10 things women hate about men, we had focused on generic behaviors that annoys the other gender. Digging deeper, there is a set of emotion which deals with knowing each other. There is a lot of stuff lying dormant in each partner which needs some understanding. We keep on thinking what women want. But if we knew what all she expects, things are definitely going to be lot more simple, or should we say uncomplicated. Men perhaps would be in a better position to deliver up to the expectations.
Love life often suffers from the ignorance syndrome. We do not attempt to explore the unseen and unsaid. Ask any happy couple and then will tell you stories of endless communication. They would indulge in research and understanding what the other partner wants. Ironically, couples complain of the oblivion towards emotional needs. But we also do not make enough efforts to gather information on what the beloved wants.
We got some young women to open and share things they would want their partner to know. Today, let’s take a cursory look at things that women want their men to know. Perhaps there are half a million things women wish men knew but today we will look at few of them. Guys, we hope you are taking down notes.

    Nurture and soothe her

    Things women wish men knew

    Women always love to be in her man’s arms. It could be happiness or tears, your cuddle is irreplaceable. She expects you to nurture her and treat her like a baby. Laughing? It’s no exaggeration. Soothe her when she is upset and mollify her when she is distressed. Your touch is crucial and healing.

    Pillow talks and cuddling

    Stereotypes claim women to be fans of pillow talks. It’s true for most women. They love to indulge in long conversations about anything in the world. She just expects you to listen as she pours her heart out. It’s not going to be tedious for you once you start enjoying. See how her eyes brighten and her expressions change when she is narrating a story.

    Forgetting birthday is not funny

    Things women wish men knew

    It’s not too much if you have to remember just one day out of 365. Write it down in your diary, set an alarm or just ask your friend to remember it for you. A woman thinks that she has no significance in your life if you forget her birthday. This is a grave crime and will have lasting repercussions.

    We can make out when you fake compliments

    It’s okay if you did not the like the shocking pink sandals she got from the online store. Tell her you are not very fond of the color. Do not fake because she’s likely to get more annoyed. Honesty is a basic building block for your life. You should be more open and sincere when you give her compliments.

    Surprises are never out of fashion

    Things women wish men knew

    Surprises are not meant for initial phase of relationship only. They are a lifetime recipe for happy women. Surprise her with gifts, dinner, holidays or anything else. It need not be expensive every time. More than the actual surprise, she will love you for the efforts. By the way, when was the last time you surprised her? If it was two months back then it’s time for the next one.

    We believe in the romantic tales of movies

    You just changed the channel when the scene in the movie was too intimate thinking that checking out the soccer score would be better. But women love and believe in the romantic movie tales. They secretly aspire to imitate all those romantic gestures. Try it, it’s not very difficult and you can have more than just romance.

    Flowers and gifts work great with us

    Red and white carnations, yellow roses, perfumes, key chains, teddy bears and the list is endless. All items in the gift store are worth buying for a woman. You may find this stuff to be futile and waste of money but it makes significant difference to a woman. It turns her on and adds charm to routine life.

    Gentle and hard – both works

    Girls like it both hard and soft. Sex need not be monotonous. Sometimes she may want you to be gentle while at time she likes it when you just slip off clothes and jump into the bed. Find the right balance and have fun. A mutual love equation can be worked out if you are well communicated.

    Foreplay is important part of sex

    Do not forget the charm of music, dance and love talks. They always work for all women. Men tend to be more mechanical about sex while women are emotional creatures. She values gestures before beginning the final act.

    Kissing and hugging do not mean sex

    Each time she hugs or kisses you do not mean she is asking for it. These are important expressions of love for a lady. Indulging is little gestures adds value and splendor to the love life. Feel each other and say nothing. It’s really a great idea if come from work every day and just hug her.

    Are you listening?

    Things women wish men knew

    You have already heard the story of that girl’s night out party hundred times before. She too knows it but please listen. It’s satisfactory for a girl if she speaks her mind. You can positively contribute to the relationship just be quietly listening. Easy, huh?

    We do not like when you check out other women

    Needless to say, it’s a great turn off when your man looks and admires other women. Venusians want all your attention all the time. It’s offensive when you praise other women. Martians may find this behavior absolutely normal but it’s a criminal offence for the ladies. You do not want to be hanged? Do you?

    Your opinion on every topic is important

    Women hate ‘it’s your wish, do whatever’ sort of men. You are a significant part in their lives and they value your opinions. Give advice, make comments and give inputs about everything. Did you tell her how her suede bag is better than the red clutch? Your opinions send out a message that you are interested in her.

    You have to be alert to ‘little’ things

    Little things make big differences, this sentence is written all over relationship manuals. It’s being reiterated hundred times but still you forget. This one is again a gentle reminder. We should better put it in bold, red font and underline it.

    Call her during working hours

    You are amidst meetings, calls and reports but calling her will take just two minutes. It indicates that you were thinking about her all this while and could not stop from talking to her. Sending out subtle messages via actions is very crucial. Do not think them to be mundane acts but consider it a critical factor for blissful love life.

    ‘I am fine’, hope you know it’s not

    It’s the most popular joke in relationships manuals. They say that a man is perfectly okay when he says so but nothing is all right when a woman says ‘I am fine’. One has to understand the underlying gender disparities that exist in our modes of communication. What we say and what we mean is drastically different for both genders.

    Chivalry works

    If you think that chivalry is a thing of past era then you are sadly mistaken. It’s very much in and important for girls. Opening the doors and pulling the chair is a universally appreciated gesture. Even if she is an independent woman with her flourishing career, she is still a woman and you have to make her feel like one.

    This is definitely not the ultimately women wish list but it does highlights crucial issues. The crux of the matter is staying informed and vigilant. Do not expect her to write a manual and give it to you. You have to get up, explore, experiment and make efforts to keep her happy. It’s not an over statement if we say women are complex. The idea is to demystify her. It all boils down to simple things you often ignore. With this article, you have some valuable advice.  So, you know where to start from. Start using the advice wisely.
    Despite of the fact that men and women hail from two entirely different planets, there is some sort of equation that has worked for both. However, there are certain female truths that men need to grasp. The above advice is definitely going to improve your learning curve. Rather, some of you might begin to learn with this article. It’s all about your efforts and your choices. Invest in a healthy relationship and benefits shall follow. We will keep you posted with better and newer insights on relationships.

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