Ways to Spice up your Bedroom Life

In the recent articles, we have discussed about things to do and things not to do. But today, I intend to explore a niche, important and valuable aspect of all relationships. Here’s a quick guide to spice up your bedroom life.

“I light up a few candles and put on a red night gown. I so like it on satin sheets with the aroma of lavender”, says Christine. More and more people like her are moving towards measures to spice up bedroom life. Your intimate life is a great measure of your entire relationship. When we say bedroom, it does not limit to sex. It’s a broader perspective which includes intimate moments and ‘we’ time you both spend. Ramping up your personal life can actually do wonders to your relationship. Make the thermometer rise by a few degrees by spicing up your bedroom life. It’s no more a secret that great sex makes great relationships. Ask the most happily together couples and they’ll swear the by the magic of sex and intimacy.

If you have been in a relationship for quite long, it’s natural that spark gets slightly dimmed. We definitely do not advice complacency to settle down between the sheets. As per a recent study, couples who keep on invigorating their bedroom life live together longer and happier.

Try out some of these quick tips to spice up your private zone.

Role Play

Yes! We mean it. It’s a great idea to play characters and create a wild love story along. It may sound a little funny but once you start trying, it’s going to be a lot more fun. Explore the charm of fantasy. A few years of togetherness make you take each other for granted. So, why not begin afresh and new? Pretend like you have just met and the newness of the relationship is going to be very exciting. Pretend like a hot girl and a lonely man. If that sounds too much then you can try dressing up in a costume. How about a pretty police officer who cuffs and takes him for a ride? You could be a nurse, doctor or just any personality you wish to be. Unleash your creativity and explore the fun it creates.

Dress Up

Couples often settle for complacency when it comes to their looks. When was the last time you just dressed and smell great for your beloved? When did she put on that red lisp stick? Have you become a boring man with that old T-shirt becoming a permanent silhouette? If one of them sounds similar then it’s time you start revaluating your love equation. Put on some sexy backless dress which leaves less to imagination. And for the man, dude you need to shave often and become the hunk you used to be a few years ago. See how your good looks recreate the fire that keeps you hot and moving in the bedroom.


Ways to Spice up your Bedroom Life If you believe a few researches then dance is a great aphrodisiac. Yes, do it to believe it. Dance can bring you to intimate positions and lets you anticipate deeper togetherness. It lets your hair down and makes you explore a more fun side of togetherness. As per a recent survey, there has been a substantial increase in the number of couples joining salsa and other romantic dance classes. Dance is just magic. You can put on some romantic music and try to imitate all those sexy moves. It’s easy and worth a shot.

Try New positions

Ways to Spice up your Bedroom Life New is always exciting and wonderful. Sex is no exception to it. More than 50% of sexually unsatisfied couples complain of monotony in the sex position. What use are all those porn movies and magazines out there? Draw some inspiration and borrow a couple of tricks from there. When it comes to sex, experimentation is the cardinal rule for satisfaction. Try new positions and see what works best for you. Do not hesitate if something looks too kinky. It’s all okay and you are not being filmed, right?

Watch Erotic movies

You remember how you used to get turned on while watching erotic stuff while you were a teenager. Obviously the threshold has changed over the years but basics remain the same. As per a research in Australia, couples who watched erotic movies together had 48% more sex than couples who don’t. The statistics say it all. Scientifically speaking, erotic stuff tends to increase your hormones which in turn pave the way for sexual desires. When you watch sexually arousing videos together, it has double effect on you. Don’t believe? Try it for yourself.

Read titillating stuff together

The internet and the print world are overloaded with stuff that is sexually compelling and lets you get rid of inhibitions. From sex surveys to erotic stories, anything can be read if that is mutually interesting for both of you. It has far reaching effects on your bedroom life as it creates a newer mood, an open atmosphere and a broader mindset. You tend to come off your own mental blocks and become a more vigilant and informed person. Furthermore, you can also get rid of your myths and taboos and explore a broader side of intimate life. Try to cuddle together and read some nice love story or adult jokes. The content is your choice.

Take a bath together

Ways to Spice up your Bedroom Life Now, this one is a no brainer. Most couples have taken baths together. But the problem is that you underestimate its impact over a period of few years. Most newlyweds do it often but people who are in a relationship for long have completely forgotten the idea. Rejuvenate and rediscover the charm of the hot water in the tub and two bodies immersed inside it. Introduce candles, rose petals, scent and music. You know it all but just needs to do it all over again. So, what keeps you waiting? Your bath tub is of no use if you haven’t used it for making love.


Modern lifestyles and spa parlors have to be blamed for diminishing the charm of the massages. We have completely replaced the romantic idea of partners massaging each other by expensive parlors. All you need is a little scented oil and the magic of your hands. Give each other some massage at once a week and see the transformational effect it has on your love life. It accentuates your sensual pleasures. Massages are not always foreplays. Sometimes, they can be fun in standalone too.

Have your own strip club

Don’t take us literally. We only mean to hint you about exploring the kinky side of love making. Striptease is one of the best sultry activities loved by people. Why not make your bedroom a great strip club. Put on some rocking music and start the fun act. Contrary to common belief, men and women get equally turned on by watching a strip tease. You can learn the art by watching some videos and try it for yourself.

Spice up foreplay

Ways to Spice up your Bedroom Life Now this one is dedicated to the ladies. We know how much you love the foreplay and how sad that he doesn’t seem to be interested anymore. Men must understand how crucial it is for women to have awesome foreplay. Spice up your foreplay by donning some sexy lingerie, dancing together, holding hands, romantic talks and myriad things that draw you closer.

Talk it out

You may be a little surprised but couples who talk about sex and intimacy enjoy it more. The logic is plain simple. You talk about your interests, likes, dislikes and inhibitions which fosters mutual understanding. One may talk about how you can mutually upgrade your sex life and boost a healthy relationship. Women in particular feel relaxed and content when they talk about intimate feelings. Take out time to talk and make your sex life better.

Come outside your bedroom

Are you one of those couples who have limited themselves to the perimeters of the bed? How boring and monotonous it is for people to limit themselves. Try exploring the strength of your couch or how about that dining table? Sounds too bizarre? Do not be surprised. As per a recent survey, sexually happy couples have mentioned candidly about how they have had sex in every single corner of their apartment. I just wonder how they managed in the balcony.

Open, creative and sporty attitude can take your bedroom life to a whole new level. Best lovers are the ones who are open to experience. Maximize pleasure and add fun to your bedroom life by following the easy tips. They are all pragmatic, doable, and easy and inspired from real people like you. It does not involve any elaborate efforts but little things that make big differences. So, upgrade your bedroom life and add something peppy to your relationship. We are sure you will bless us for this article once the magic starts working for you. Will keep you posted with more value addition articles in future.


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