Which Category Is Your Romantic Relationship?

Know The Kind Of Romance You Are In!
Whether it is about falling in love gradually post marriage in case of an arranged marriage or loveduring the courtship in case of a love marriage, two people who share an intense fondness for each other can make their relationship a success as well as a disaster. We have seen and read so far about various facets of a relationship. Let’s contemplate for a variation in thoughts on the different kinds of possible romantic relationships.

Types Of Romantic Relationships

Strange but true is the fact that ‘romantic relationship’ has its own wide range. Different types of relationships which stand as a definition to various facets of love are:

  1. Romantic Codependent relationship- In such a kind of relation you tend to be dependent on your partner for decisions and every single thing gradually with time. This is usually a sign of your weakness and is likely to bring troubles in the paradise in future.
  2. Romantic Controlling relationship- This is also termed as relationship with dominance when one partner amongst the two is dominating. It is usually seen that especially women find their men’s possessive or dominating behaviour quite fascinating on the onset of a relationship but the dominance start affecting with time and usually turn out to be a spoil sport for any romantic relation.
  3. Romantic Emotional Relationship- Sometimes certain set of losses or respective hurt brings two people together. As a result of some losses or failed affairs, the two people find identical feelings in each other and soon become emotionally closer thus resulting into a strong bond or love.
  4. Romantic Open relationship- It wouldn’t be wrong to say here that this kind of relationships are now being practiced at large among youth. In an open relationship two people are in commitment, but it is mostly limited to emotional faithfulness. Sexually, both the partners stand experimental outside their affair too. Such relationships usually end up in one sided love situation or a complete end.
  5. Romantic Negotiating Relationship- Every relationship requires certain adjustments and compromises. Partners in such a kind of relationship do all it takes to please the other. But too much of adjustments or single sided compromises usually lead to discords. But also, such relationships do end up successful due to patience from one or both partners.
  6. Romantic Noxious relationship- This is one of a kind of romantic relation. In this style of romantic commitment, you would find yourself committed, still unhappy and frustrated most of the time and the worst part being that all this time during your period of exasperation and vexation, you wouldn’t know the apparent reason of it. In such a case a relationship mind end abruptly since without knowing a reason there can be no solution!
  7. Romantic Asexual Relationship- This kind of a relationship has two sexually attractive people, very much attracted to their opposite sexes, but mostly unwilling for an intimate session together or probably too bored of their love making. A quick cure in such a sexually disastrous togetherness is inclusion of some different styles of love making or sex toys to make your bedroom sessions steamiest than ever!
  8. Romantic Materialistic Relationship- Do you love him/her due to your emotional or physical attraction or is it something like a financial or status attraction? If the reasons for you to be in love with your partner are on the materialistic grounds, then you are in a short lived relationship. That’s because the foundation of your relationship is entirely weak.  
  9. Romantic Sexual Relationship- Sexual attraction or being physically attracted towards him/her is a part of being in love. But when such an attraction becomes the basis for being in love, then emotional attraction and understanding tend to take a back seat. This is because you are in love with your partner because of his/her physical appearance and because he/she satisfies you best in bed.
  10. Romantic Vague Relationship- You might have been college sweethearts and now in a committed relationship or married to each other, but your interests in probably career building has surfaced your romantic values. This is all about the change in priorities, but such a variation in preferences overtime can kill the romantic spark between the two of you.
  11. Romantic long distance relationships- As the name suggests, these relationships involve two people in love with each other but physically apart or not frequently together. Such relationships are sometimes success but many times end up with one partner doubting on the other or being suspicious about any or everything.
  12. Romantic no-worth relationship- Your relationship started with love and romance and all that one needs to be happy in personal life, but with time, your situations have distanced the two of you and you don’t find each other attractive anymore! But you decide to stay together for the sake of your kids! Such a kind of relationship is sterile with no attachments left between the two people once in love.

How Ego Destroys A Romantic Relationship

Ego, the word itself must have rung bells with most of you trying to relate yourself with it either as a victim or as the one who possesses this awful trait. Things that ego would force you to look for in your relationship with him/her are:

  1. Self-respect
  2. Security, safety and self esteem
  3. Dominance with power and control over every situation as well as your partner
  4. A sense of being distinct or special
  5. Getting distracted and seeking entertainment for self in any possible way.
  • A relationship out of love can be conditional or unconditional. If ego of any of the partner is capable enough to destroy your relationship or even bring hurdles, then it is undoubtedly a conditional love. Ego doesn’t necessarily have to be cropped up in an existing relationship. A person who is egoistic may be so very likely because of his/her past situations. The most obvious sign of an egoistic person is that he/she is always the fault finder in everything.
  • Ego, in any romantic relationship can easily kill the love between two people and also affect the honesty and physical as well as emotional intimacy.


Chaos is what we’ve lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control. 

― Terence McKenna

Asexuality And Romantic Orientation

It has been mentioned above that in an asexual relationship, despite of being attracted to opposite sexes, the two people in relationship face a fading physical intimacy or disinterestedness in any sexual sessions with each other. Though some people consider it to be a medical illness, it is a wrong conception.

Types Of Attractions

It is easy to fall in love with a person but it is the basis of the love or feeling of an intense fondness the reason of which is usually not taken into account. Following are some types of attractions which tend to make you fall in love with him/her:

  1. Sexual attraction- This crops up out of your desire to be sexually involved with the person of your interest.
  2. Attraction out of emotions- When you are interested in knowing about a person rather than his/her physical self, then you are emotionally attracted in love.
  3. Attractions can be out of intellectual capabilities too. When you find his/her conversations very productive and immersing, you are intellectually attracted to the person you love.
  4. An attraction in which you tend to feel the need of physical touch as of hugs in a non carnal manner, then it’s the sensual attraction that marks the basis of you being in love with him/her.

Know The Kind Of Romance You Are In!
Any romantic relationship is incomplete without love. Love is the basis and origin of a romantic commitment between two people. No matter what kind of romantic attraction it might be, but any fall in the depth of initially felt love can be disastrous for your relationship. Mend your shattering relationship with an extra dose of love and step forth into a happy romantic relation.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. 

― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets


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