Cancer Personality

Cancerians are very defensive creatures – defensive of themselves, their friends and family. They have a very strong and formidable defensive fort in his psyche. He is not intimidated that easily and can sometimes take an aggressive stand in order to protect himself emotionally from transgresses of others. Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally jeopardizes their or their close ones’ dignity or self-respect, you will feel fended off or even pinned down. But if you persevere and gain their trust with time (which you most definitely will if your intensions are honest), you will see the soft, caring and considerate inner self – because now you are one of the protected.

Their family is very important for them, and comes at the top in the list of priorities. They make excellent parents, but are not so good at letting go of their children when the situation requires it which again tells us about their protective self. They also happen to be very emotional and often fall into the depths of nostalgia. No wonder they have an excellent memory – they hardly miss a piece of detail about their past. Cancerian children start out being extremely sensitive and emotionally fragile, but with time they develop their protective and affectionate self. So if you see your Cancerian kid taking care of a younger brother or sister or the family pet, be sure that your kid is growing up.

To their loved ones, Cancerians present their most soft and mellow self. So they may overreact to incidents and tend to be very moody at times. But they are very sensual and can be the best of companions. They can get hurt by their companions very easily, but are in no way weak. They can strike back with equal force and venom.

  1. Teenakay January 7th, 2019

    Cancer are moody as fuck.and always want to play victim .and love to be used by assholes.and forever crying everyday .they can be toxic.and fake as hell .evil jealous like a wolf in a sheep clothing.. they stay hating on people undercover.i can see right thru cancers bullshit.because I’m Pisces I see ur weaknesses and vulnerability. Protector my ass..they always want to use u for there own gain .just to make them feel better by hurting others mind games with other and think they are better then other .always trying to be to good for others.its damn shame that they seem to blame others for there fucked up moody asshole life..cancer all u do is try to look good in front of people .but I smell a demon in disguise.i see right thru u cancer .this is coming from a Pisces 🙄

    • AleX 5 days ago

      True story… they end up jeopardizing themselves and casting away the ones who truly loves them…

  2. perfectmind May 13th, 2013

    my minds are one.

  3. juliaaa97 September 11th, 2012

    the article above is about 97% true for me…. my friend once said that i have this mood swings and i easily get hurt (emotionally). i tend to be possessive esp. with my friends and im super clingy.. i dont usually depend on other persons to do the job, i do it my self… im very protective towards my family and friends.. i cant outrightly say my feelings to one of my estfriends.. once i get in a foul mood, i am inconsolable. i tend to be very sensitive and keen towards everyone… despite the negative personality, i love my sign i love being me…

  4. Missy March 2nd, 2011

    I love this. It’s so true. A very good friend once said, you love hard, and are trully compassionate, but you could ruin one’s life without doing much. The power held by a cancerian, is one of intense magnetism…and ruthlessness when intimidated or in danger. Sure, we’re moody, but a little coaxing goes a long way…

  5. bibi January 10th, 2011

    fotah..cancer is sakit..lols

  6. Moodycrab October 17th, 2010

    A lot of people who misunderstand cancers think we are miserable yes were moody but at times when we are quiet we are thinking or reflecting on life or indeed with the empathetic side of our nature worrying about others. Yes we can be fiercly protective of our loved ones and friends but no one can love like a cancerian emotionally and sexually we are dynamite with the right match who i myself think are Gemini or Leo both these signs the males are confident enough in themselves too bring a cancer female out of her shell obviously i have not slept with men from all the signs but would not recommend Sagittarians or Taurean males too stubborn too dominant and too possesive. Men from all signs will at some point hurt our feelings it is impossible not too hurt them as they are so near to the surface at all times but we shouldn’t feel miffed if people misunderstand as we have the skills to manipulate any situation to our advantage so that even the people who paint us some kind of psycho bitches eventually beg to eat out of our hands.

  7. hollerrr August 6th, 2010

    There is way too much bias against Cancers on this site. It is not normal..

  8. London Boltz January 21st, 2010

    this was insanely on point. Cancers are always misintepreted because of their sensitivity but its because we love hard, you mess around with that and you will be revenged. guranteed. silent killers we are.

  9. Reshma December 3rd, 2009

    Thank u very much.. i enjoy reading it and i felt it was very true because i m also a cancerian and i think it resembles me..

  10. Reezii September 27th, 2009

    My mother is a Cancer and my unt. They are grumpy alot.

  11. caroline raider May 8th, 2009

    This is so accurate. Im a cancer woman and i have to say i have never read anything so right on the target..really enjoyed reading this, thanks so much !!

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