Capricorn Friendship Compatibility

If you are a Capricorn, you will make really loyal and warm friends, who will be really happy for their friends’ successes and endeavors, even encouraging and helping them in their paths. Your friendships will be timeless ones in more than one way.

Firstly and more importantly, you will be able maintain the same warmth and closeness with friends even after losing touch for a long period. Once you have come to a level of closeness with a friend, you will never lose ground. But the other aspect of this timelessness is that you do not need to be of the same age as another person in order to make a connection and get close with him/her. You have the unthinkable power of appearing contemporary and striking up a conversation with anyone you find interesting. This goes a long way in making you popular.

You will be viewed at as a very valuable friend for your unparalleled loyalty and reliability. But as I have mentioned, you have a strong urge for telling your story. As soon as you feel they have come close enough, you will start letting things out. You will tell them how your life has been ruined by all sorts of people, how rotten the world is from inside, and how void of human dignity and honesty people are out in that world. But all this a result of your urge to share all you have inside you, whether good or bad, with those that you feel are close to you in your personal or professional sphere. If you have some good news, you will turn it into an occasion and celebrate it with your spouse or friends.

None of this means that you are not emotionally strong, you are probably more resilient than anyone else. You just need someone to laugh and cry with you, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to your … you know! But what keeps you going in your friendships in spite of all this for years altogether is your easy accessibility and your affectionate side. Your friends will find it easy to empathize with you and give you handy advise at the right time.

  1. thetruedude September 26th, 2014

    I’m a scorpio with a question regarding Caoricorn women. 
    We have been good friends(close friends) for a year now, but everything changes after i said three little word: i like you… 
    We had a long talk about how much she cared about our friendship and stuff but i just didnt listen. I just want to be with her, and so i pursued her even more but eventually she just called me and said we are going to be friends. Just that. 
    For days i sat and thought what made us not meant to be… then i came to the conclusion that i was the problem. I didnt really like her. I just pretended to love someone who im actually friends with, because i thought our chemistry was so great. I really screwed up our friendship…
    We haven’t seen or talked for 4 weeks, and im just assuming the worst (like a normal scorpio would.) 
    you guys think we could still be close friends again or no???

  2. mgree April 1st, 2012

    I’m a capricorn 1/10/1986, my ex’s are one day in and the next day out and then back again. Why does this keep happening, and I don’t go looking for them, they come back to find me. Why won’t either of them actually settle down with me. Yet they keep coming back. Will one of the settle with me? is one of them my 1 true real love?
    I will give you the 1st Letter of there names and there birthdate.
    1. J 04/10/1979
    2. E 09/23/1984
    3. D 08/1/1986

  3. Pisces Passion October 7th, 2010

    Regarding the link below, I noticed some typos in the last paragraph that you might be interested in fixing =)
    “an shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to your…”

    Otherwise, great stuff!
    Rosa aka Pisces Passion

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