Gemini Personality

For all the people you see in your workplace, pegging along at a slow pace, working on things that are too linear to test any kind of ability or intelligence of any person and taking care of the same mundane tasks every single day with the sole objective of making a living, there is one thing you can be pretty damn sure of – they are definitely not Geminians.

Of all the great tragedies and maladies of the world, nothing terrorizes the Geminian more than boredom. They are, since birth, used to multitasking. They just can’t go about life one issue at a time. Parents might find this amusing, but they should nonetheless try not to encourage it. Doing too many things at once from a young age spoils their sense of style and brings about a trait that is most common in Geminians – superficiality. For them, after a point, all that looks good is good enough. They become a jack of all trades and start concentrating only on the packaging. In some professions such as ones relating to media, however, that is exactly what you need from a person – a little knowledge of almost everything, but not too much. So its not such a bad thing after all. In the workplace, it is important that they have as many projects as they can, so that they may work on whichever they have the mood to work on at that moment.

Alas, this multitasking capability is too innate to your nature – you start exhibiting this characteristic even in your love life. That does not bring a lot of happiness for your partner. This does not always raise issues relating to guilt, although normally it should (otherwise one should think something’s wrong). In such tricky situations, what helps the Geminian more than anything else is his/her great ability to talk his/her way out.
On a professional and even personal level, the characteristic of a Geminian is vigor. He/she happens to be restless and energetic to the extreme – that’s what gives him/her the resources for all that multitasking. But this can take a toll on the person. The Geminian can never completely let go of things and relax, and this will be the cause of mental troubles.

  1. Coraline December 2nd, 2018

    I’m a female cancer in relationship with a male gemini. my mother also is a gemini, and let me tell you:
    they can be a piece of work, sometimes!

    I find it very hard to read them, as, i a situation, their reactions are often explosive and can seem out-of-nowhere.
    it’s only after knowing them for a long time that you can start understanding how the gears turn in their heads.

    I think most of the desctiption fits him, especially the workplace bit, he’s very energetic and practical compared to his colleagues.
    I agree with the multitasking bit, although, that habit of doing several unfinnished things at the same time can lead to the bad result of not attempting anything and get lazy.

    our zodiacal compatibility in love is far from best, although our couple hold up well thanks to our common interests, conversation and concessions.
    In relationship, Gemini give themselves 100%, they can be very generous and thoughful. They sometimes lack self-confidence. Don’t you dare decieving them, cause you get only one chance to be in their heart! Hurt them and it’s over!

  2. jheanyllunique52687 September 25th, 2016

    I’m gemini and this all sounds about right but I don’t feel like I am a superficial person, it may seem like it because of how I can just drop someone today that meant so much to me yesterday.. but that’s not how it is, there’s a line that once it’s crossed you might as well be dead to me because I obviously never knew you. And believe me when I say it takes A LOT AND THEN SOME to get me to that point but once I’m there I go from being warm and loving to a cold ruthless b**** and it always catches people off guard because I’m never like that.. all gemini are 2 different entities push and pull I’m the same person. But what do I know right? Lol

  3. sadie-roo February 9th, 2014

    um the last bit is the only right thing about me oh and the multitasking bit coz when im in class i will get bored and doodle while writting notes and im rather apathetic and lethargic and i seem to attract both good and bad people…..

  4. Mariloe December 11th, 2012

    I so agree on the Virgo comment. I dated at virgo. Selfish, arrogant and so self involved. Can’t stand male virgo’s. 

  5. Kittyns May 10th, 2012

    Wow, Maryalice I do agree on one thing I also am filing for divorce. I am divorcing a Virgo man. I built an empire and he consistantly destroyed it with his selfishness. I remained loyal for 18yrs. I find Virgos       selfish and have the idea they are above the rest. This depresses a Gemini, who by the way can conquer anything! Given the right partner this ability is escalated it to unimaginable realms. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. kubra abbas March 2nd, 2011

    he looks good

  7. Chris January 14th, 2011

    Wow…..fits me to the tee! I have been to a lot of zodiac sites so to speak and this one is crazy accurate!..I don’t buy the new sign change either….there is not a snowballs chance in hell im a Taurus now!

  8. Libra June 12th, 2010

    Well i used to qo out widd a gemini & he is the rude-est little bastard i ever meet ! Just a str8 up cocky asshole ! But of course he didnt start out that wayy..ugh. But watever. Theyy sayy libra’s & gemini are qood toqether but i think thats a biqq ass question mark. But i do hav to sayy the sex widd him was greatttttttt ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Maryalice December 3rd, 2009

    My husband is a Gemini and I am a Virgo. Wish I had known that Virgos are the worst for Geminis. I think they’re also lazy (my son in law is also a Gemini and he is lazy as well). Something had to be done by him to save our home and it wasn’t done in time. He can’t give a reason why he did not do it. Says he loves me more than life yet tossed us away. I filed for a separation.

  10. Jonathan August 17th, 2009

    This site is very accurate that it gets scary at times. It is also quite funny and indeed, the first paragraph of Gemini personality is the funniest.

  11. Gemini July 13th, 2009

    Sounds very like me. Proud to be Gemini

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