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16 year old virgo man needing love advice

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    Hello my im 16 and believe i found the girl for me ibdont date often so im not constantly thinking im in love like a lot of kids my age! But the girl i like is a sagittarius she show interest sometimes but other times she pushes me away we are not dating but i really want to. I’ve recently asked her if she would ever give me a chance and she says she just doesnt see it happening. im usually a strong hearted guy who doesn’t show emotion but this made me cry for hours. the reason i know i love her is because all i want to do is please her, when im around her i get butterflies in my stomach, i cant stop thinking about her no matter how hard i try to focus on something else, and ive truely never been so happy around anyone. I tend to stay to myself but she brings qualities out of me i didnt know i had for example i dont tend to share my emotion and im horrible at confronting poeple about how i feel but i have no problem walking up to her and explaining the feelings i have about her. She wont tell me what she doesnt like about me and just says that she only see me as a good friend and doesnt think she will ever give me a shot. But i cant stop no matter how hard i try i just want to be with her. What should i do please help?


    Dear 16 year old guy….


    i truly understand what you are speaking about i think the reason why she is doing this is beacause she is really not intrested at all, i am a sagittarius and if we not into someone we not… there is nothing you can do to make us chang our minds after that.. all i can say to you is give up  the fight and forget about her you will only get your heard broken in peaces….she only wats to b your friend.. be the best you can be but dont let her take advantage of you at all, if you show your weakness she will use to like a toy and then you will be hurt for days… its not easy but remember you are still very young, enjoy your life, trust me having a gf is not that easy and can make your life difficult at times,,,, you will always need money to buy her gifts and spoil her and we can get demanding…. so focus on your studdies and look forward to fun things, you will meet another girl who will love you more then ever and she will love even more.


    i hope in some way i helped cause you are too young to have a broken heart and that of for a women… be a teen for as long as you can cause relationships only compicates things…..

    think of having a kid before your time or getting sickness that you dont want… all that leads to even more heart ach and pain.


    Goood LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    thank you but this post is a little out of date ive actually slowed down and shes starting to show signs of liking me for example shes been waiting for me off the bus so we can walk and talk while we go to get breakfast and for the first time she told me to have a goodnight these are only a few thing that are improving maybe your right but this girl makes me feel ways i never have she brings out emotions in me i can ussually keep content so if i were to give up i couldnt forgive myself even if i do end up getting hurt ill endure it. bob marly once said “If shes amazing, she wont be easy. If shes easy, then she wont be amazing. If shes worth it, you wont give up. if you give up then your not worthy… Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you. you just gotta find the one worth suffering for.” and i dont care how many times im put in the friendzone or turned down ive had thoughts of giving up and pushed them aside and so far things are slowly getting better so im glad ive kept trying. no matter what happens in the end i just want to make her happy!


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