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A good bodybuilding program that is not affected by cardio?

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    I want to know about bodybuilding program that is not affected by cardio. Please give me more information.


    Well you gotta decide what’s more important .Running or Bodybuilding. Reason why I ask is there are 3 types of muscles fibers type 2 a,type 2 x and type 1 In bodybuilding it triggers more of your type 2 A fast twitch muscles fibers and running affects your type 1 slow twitch fibers . Type 2 X fibers are also fast twitch, but aid slow twitch fibers too meaning its a universal fiber. So if you did running and bodybuilding at the same time your type 2 x wouldn’t go to the bodybuilding section nor the running section leaving it in the center. If you did strictly running you type 2 x would go into your running ,vice versa with bodybuilding. So You can be great at something or just good at it if you’re doing the both at the same time. I’d cut your running seems you’re doing marathon running and that’s a no no when putting on muscle mass .About 20-30 mins every other day with mod intensity 2-3 miles is good enough for health. Depending if you’re trying to get ripped then you’d up the time,intensity and days of the cardio making it fitness,health and weight loss.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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