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Cancer + Aquarius

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    Okay so My name is Kaylene & im a Cancerian Girl .

    I truely have been having confusion with my Ex Boyfriend who now for a third time wants to be with me again .

    His name is Will & hes a Aquarius, but to be honest i dont know much about Aquarius …..i was always more into Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces .

    Well anyway moving along….me & him have been together 3 times now & the first 2 times he broke up with me . Now he comes back saying how he wont ever hurt me again & how he just cant stay away from me . The first time Will & I were together it lasted a year & 3 months . So after thinking you know a person when being with them for so long & them them just breakin gup with you because they say they were angry for something you did almost 2 years ago…well it makes it kinda hard to trust them . The last time i seen Will was almost 2 years ago . Hes been in a Program for his own personal reasons ….but now it is April 29th & hes getting out in four May 2nd . Im so extremely nervous to be trying this again with him, even though this time he sounds genuine . 

    The question i would like for you to answer is if you think this relationship is going to work ? weve been doing this since 2009 . I either have to calm down & take it step by step or just learn to leave it alone . 

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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