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Cancer & aquarius – love or lust?

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    Is it love or lust?

    it’s been around 10 years we contacting each others. He is a cancer and im an aquarius.
    We’ve met about 4-5 times. he treat me nicely and tbh im in love with him since our first met.
    our relationship goes strong and i feel comfortable, really.

    we never really confess seriously about our feeling so im confuse. but we do enjoy our time together.
    i even had sex with him and i feel no shy to show my naked body and he keep complimenting my body and all that.
    as i know, cancer is such a caring person, so i dont know if he care because he love me or it’s his nature.

    the thing is, we keep on talking about sex, sexting. 
    other than that, we share all things and i bet we got no secrets to hide.
    how to know if he love me or he’s just want to be with me because of lust?
    is it something usual for cancer to get attracted with aquarius because of lust?

    should i really confess to him that i love him because i want to make it straight and be honest about my feeling.
    it is not all about lust, for me. i really in love with him, his flaws and everything . 

    should i ask him, his real intention to stick around with me all this while ..
    how should i ask? 

    he said before that im special, but there’s no more further explanation and he want me to look for the hints.
    im stuck and confuse. i dont know what to do. please help 

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