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Cancer man broke up with me (Pisces woman)

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    we were together for almost a year, he told me he loved me, be with me and wouldnt “bail” on me, and when things got a little more complicated in our lives, he broke off the relationship.  Completely. No contact whatsoever and I had made the mistake of calling and texting then.  No response except for a loud comment that hes dating a new girl and that he ______ “s her, and is in love with her.  He has previously said things of that nature to me, in anger, but never like that, 2 comments were made about him having a new gf in past, never so hurtful….I thought we were soulmates, and now I truly cannot move on and its been 2 months….:::??????????

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    My oppinion  is that you should move on. I know  many people may told you this but it works if you start to think about something else and let time to heal the pain.  I needed about 2 years ,2  years and half to heal.  At the begging it was so hard but now I am very well. I wish you a lot of good luck. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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