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Cancer man ignoring me…?

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    Ive known this Cancer man for a year now and i consider him a friend but he’s been on and off with me. Im a Sagittarius and we’ve been discussing becoming more than a friendship for a while now and when we plan to meet up he ignores me and stood me up! He says he likes me but isnt ready for a relationship but acts very clingy when he wants to be and other times he can ignore me for up to two months! Consdering this was all his idea to be more than friends Im very confused at his behaviour…does he like me or doesnt he? Is this all some sort of mind game to him because i cant get over him! 
    Are all Cancer men like this and what should I do? Hes currently ignoring every message i send him at the moment and ive no idea how to go about this problem.

    Any suggestions or answers would be great! Thanks 🙂 


    I also face almost the same situation.  He is cancer man.  I think if you want to date with cancer man, you need to be optimistic.  Because he is very sensitive man and if you react the same thing like what he did, he would be not satisfied and then again disappointed.  If you want to date with this guy, you need to pamper him a lot and speak with him nicely.  I learn the truth that if he is really interesed in you, he will get back to you later.  I am also annoyed on the fact that he made me love him and be cold to me later.  So i need to find something else to do more than wait him reply.  By the way, I am Taurus.  Hope you have good relationship with him.  


    I am a taurus woman. My man is also cancer.

    My condition s worst than this. He committed with me now frm past one month he is acting crazy. I am totally lost with his behavior. I really do not want to loose him. He use to my evrythg. He is damn caring but now he behaves rudely with me.

    Any help?


    Hi I loved a cancer man for four years on and off. It was like a rollercoaster. I am a pisces but not a stong sun sign pisces. My moon sign is much more strong in my chart—Taurus as well as my Saggitarius rising sign. My heart goes out to you girls. This man did this to me for years and just now broke off our engagement because I was upset about him befriending teenage girls as a 31 year old man. 

    This is after he spent an unGodly amount of money on the engagement ring. These men act sweet. Notice I say act. If you read enough into it, you will find out that they are so insecure that they pretend to be someone else, someone that they think other people want them to be. 

    My advice is to find out who they really are (you probably already know but you don’t want to admit it). If a man shows no interest, or plays games like a push-me-pull me rollercoaster ride, why not find someone who makes you feel good instead?

    Just saying, since I have gone on two dates since the breakup which were so nice, hiking and going to the museum. It was amazing to see the difference between him and these guys who are straightforward and real. Lol the one is a Taurus/Gem cusp  and the other is Leo/Virgo cusp.


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