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Cancer women need help with scorpion man

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    I’m a Cancerian woman married for 15 years with a Scorpio. I started at my job six months ago. My manager and I same age and he started to attract me ever since I discovered that he is a Scorpio. Everything was very informal between us, it made me personal questions like three times. In June I took four days of rest and when I returned in the morning meeting I was cheering co-workers with hugs and kisses and when he pass by me looked at me like asking me “… and my hug and kiss?” . I just looked into his eyes and said Hi.

    After that he always teasing me, sometimes I answer, some pretend I was not listening. Once he was talking to another coworker and I sat with them and this fellow told him that I was having the attention of all the guys and he said “it  sometimes scares me, I’m afraid of her. “I do not say anything.

    I was curious what he wants from me and I decided to find into his eyes. I walk by him and looked deep into his eyes, he looked at me and gave a beautiful smile and looked away.

    In July again I took four days to rest when I returned in the morning meeting I was greeting co-workers with kisses and hugs and this time gave him a special hug. He was happy and smiling with the hug. The same day another  co worker made a comment in front of me that this guy is single.

    A few days later I was talking and laughing with a coworker and this guy was sitting at another table and started to look at me and make that guy was mad. A few days later I had a dress with a lace in my back  and he told me that my tie was wrong and fixed it for me.

    A few days later I was walking down the hall and he was entering the elevator alone, inside the elevator he was staring at me and extended the neck until the elevator door closed.

    Four days ago we are sitting and talking about things of work in the office with open door  each one in a chair facing each other and in the middle of the conversation he made mention of touching my leg, but hesitated.  He stared into my eyes, I stared at him. I felt uncomfortable because he hesitated. I felt rejected. Do not understand why he hesitated.

    This guy is interested in me or what?Or he just playing.

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