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Capricorn Male behaviour

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    I need some advise with a Capricorn guy.

    We’ve met many years ago, liked each other and got on great. Something happened and we lost contact, until last week, when I just visitet him. We were just chatting and trying to catch up through the years. He asked me if I lived alone, (which is the case,). When I was about to leave he asked me to visit him again and please to keep in touch. He also wanted to repair my car (small dent). He hugged me tight and I had to promise him to keep in touch.

    I did just that and called him this week. He picked up his mobile and said hey, I’m just at a neighbours house, can you please call me back in half an hour. Sure, no problem, which I did but no reply from him.

    I tried again later on that night and the following day, without any success.

    I’m confused now, WFH? Why ask me to please call him and then not answer the phone at all.

    Is that normal for a Capricorn guy?

    Any feed back appreciated.





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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