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confused and don’t know if I should wait or move on

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    So I am a Pisces female and when I met this Virgo male I though him amazing. We met and had dinner and talked for an hour after annoying the waitress LOL then we shoot pool and played darts talking. When we parted he seemed weird…not even a good night kiss. He wanted to have lunch again the next day and again we talked until I was almost late for work. We went out a few more times and I eventually got a kiss, third date. He works in another state so after he left I didn’t hear from him for three days. Finally he responded and we started texting until he invited to fly me out. I was so excited! I told him so but he seemed cold a few times on my stay. I blew it off because he said that he was stressed with work and tried to help how ever I could down to warming his side of the bed. Well, talk turned very sexual when I returned home and him still away. When he came home I got a text right away but it was to go to his place. Our talks seemed to stop and all revolved around sex so I mentioned it in passing. Then later when another invite to his place came I stated that I hoped next time was more romantic and we’d do something entertaining first. But no he surprises me that he’s back and since he says that he has 2 weeks I go assuming we will do something another day. The next day he says he is leaving to St Thomas I feel hurt because I am feeling like his booty call. I explain this logically in a way that a man will understand and he gets defensive. I don’t know why. I stated how I felt so he should say he will not make me feel like that or apologise. Instead he says he doesn’t have to tell me everything because I am not his wife. I explained that I was simply communicating my feeling and that I am not mad and I hope he has fun on his trip.   Then he tells me not to text him that he is going to see his son. I didn’t have anything more to say anyway. At that point I was mad. I was mad that he doesn’t seem to acknowledge what I am saying. I don’t want to fight I just don’t want to be made to feel like that. I want to get to know him and talk like we did at first before all that other stuff got in the way. So my question is should I just move on? I really want to make it work but I am not talking to him because I feel I spoke my mind now its his turn to think about it and make a move. Is the the right way? I never dated a Virgo. I haven’t dated many men at all really. I was in one really long relationship and that’s it.

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