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Could this be it? Cap & scorp

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    About a year ago, i started talking to a scorpio guy. I’m a capricorn. Since then, we’ve been talking off and on. Prior to us talking, there’s always been an attraction between us but we never expressed it to one another. Years before we actually started talking, i found out he would go around asking questions about me, trying to get information about me. I kind of did the same with him as well. Eventually, we started small talking until our numbers were exchanged. I would stay up all night and morning until he got off from work to talk to him and keep him entertained. We hit it off, but never made it official. It’s hard for me to let down that wall and open myself up, which I know caused most of the problems. He’s been sexually active for years, but i’m a virgin. He knew this from the beginning. At first he talked about sex a lot, which annoyed me because that’s something i didn’t want to be rushed into. I started to kind of lose interest in him. We kind of parted for some months. He ended up getting into a relationship with another scorpio for a short time. After v-day, we ran into each other at the gas station and i smiled and waved while he just stared me down. By this time he had broken up with his ex. Not bashing her, but everything i know and heard of her isn’t too pleasant. She has a reputation, bad attitude, and is pretty easy. Most of his exes were just like her. A couple of days later he text me letting me know he saw me. It was like all the feelings had come back but stronger. He’s called me special, told me he didn’t want me just for sex and that he really liked me. He told me how much he missed me and asked if i’d come stay with him when he got his own place. There was just this strong loving connection between us. He didn’t talk about sex as much, instead we focused more on learning about each other. Eventually i did open myself up sexually to him, which i don’t regret4 months later, he breaks his phone, i get in a totaled wreck, and i don’t hear from him for a month. Ironically, he’s my bestfriend’s cousin and they live around the street from one another. On our way to her house one morning, i saw his ex’s car at his. I was taken back, but i let it go because after all we weren’t in a relationship. Once he got his phone back, he texted me immediately and we started seeing each other and talking again. But between then and now, things have been really rocky. He always complained about me never texting him first, and he even dr.philed me about how i was scared to basically be intimate with someone and be vulnerable. So, i tried to puck up some lack to show him i am interested. We last spent time together a few weeks ago, and it did get sexual. Our connection was still there but i could sense something was off. The last thing i said to him that night was “talk to you in a week.” We both laughed but i could tell he didn’t really want to hear that. A week passed and i sent him a text saying i haven’t talked to him all week and he told me that was my fault. I asked him how and he said idk. I told him he was starting to turn into me. No response. About a week ago, we ran into each other at his cousin’s house. He asked me a question about a baby i was holding, but he couldn’t look me in the eyes and kept going. I knew something was up. Coincidentally, his ex works down the street from my house. I had to pass over there to get to my destination, and i saw his car over there. I was furious and wanted to hurt them at that moment. I cooled down over the next few days and decided to send him a text. I told him i wasn’t mad. I was just expressing what was on my mind and he should too. I told him i knew what was going on, asked him what does he want to do, and if he wants to be with her that’s fine at least tell me so i don’t look dumb. I even told him that i appreciated him waiting so long for me, but it wasn’t for nothing. Of course he didn’t respond but i expected that. Later on that day i ended up running into him and he had this look of bothersome and guilt. I could even hear it in his voice. Anyways, i know me holding back had a lot to do with what’s happening. I really started to fall in love with him, and felt this bond with him that i’ve never felt with any other guy. I felt and still do feel like he’s my soulmate. We never argued and always made each other laugh. He always made me feel comfortable and cared about my feelings. He was always interested in what was going on in my life and most importantly, he listened to me and remembered everything i’d say. Everyone was and still are rooting for us. I just wish that he would tell me what he’s thinking, so if i need to move on, i can start the process. Or worse before i cut him from existence in my life, which i really don’t want to do. 


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