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dealing with my long term partner

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    i desperately need your name is anne and 21 years old. i have a boyfriend and we have been in a long term relationships for 4 and a half years. he is a very caring and lovely boyfriend and hardly to say the “L” word everytime we went out together. we also have experienced long distance relationship as both of us studying abroad in different countries. when i have finished my studies and went back to my hometown, we able to spend more time together. but, lately, i recognized he was very addicted playing online games everytime we went out using his smartphone. i do know he really loves to play online games during our LDR. our LDR has no problem at all..only some small arguments on small matters but we can cope out with that in one day. the main problem is..last night, i confessed to him that i feel left out when he busy playing his online games instead of talking with me..i do try to talk to him but i know his mind is somewhere else which is the game..i told him nicely that i really want him to communicate with me and try to be in control when playing that game. but, sometimes, i think that maybe that game helps him to avoid him thinking of me too much during LDR..i just don’t know…:(..and i asked him why he wanted me to become his girlfriend. he said that he loves my smile,truly understand him and can take care of him when he is angry and no mood at all..and he asked me the same thing..i told him that he truly cares about me..and suddenly, he said he just don’t feel the chemistry anymore…he is very confused about our relationship and he said that i deserved better man in the future and not him..but i always know that he is the one for me…i keep dreaming both of us getting kids and live a very happy life..he said he is confused whether he wants to let me go or not..he said he keep dream about a girl that he truly loves but he doesn’t know the face..when he said he wants us to take a break…i was truly heartbroken…when i agree with him right way..just for his sake and his happiness finding the right girl..even my heart is very torn out..he suddenly judging me for easily letting him go just like that…i explained to him that truly love him and i want him get he wants for his life…i told him again i actually cannot let him go..but i don’t want to be selfish..i want him to be happy…he said that i shouldn’t trust him 100% because no one is perfect in this world..i asked him again…how can i loved him if i don’t put my trust on him 100%?? i asked him did he trust me the whole time? he said yes because i am very trustworthy and very kind person and never do bad things behind his clearly that he knew me deeply..the question now is, why he suddenly bringing up all these things just because i want him to pay more attention to me and less time to online games? during LDR relationship, we never encounter like this..well..a bit LDR is a very big step to move on…p/ boyfriend is a very sensitive guy and i think i played the big part in maintaining our relationship for 4 years and a half..he is a cancerian and i am aquarian..i know this is an odd combination but i know that he is the guy for me..i just know to make him realize that i am the one for him?

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