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    why i cnat find a man


    Because you are asking that question. Be consciously aware of what your asking the universe… God… Buddha… Whomever you believe in. When you flip the script on yourself – you remind yourself that you have a responsibility to yourself to pride yourself in knowing what you have to offer. In that knowledge there is a kindness that comes about you – that speaks silently that you are comfortable and confident in yourself and therefore kind, gentle and patient with yourself. Being forgiving of oneself so that we can continue to learn and grow as people. When your forgiving of yourself – you are forgiving of the process. And therefore you will project that you are patient with someone else’s process. Love is not quick. Not the deep “I’m with you through thick and thin” kind of love. It’s not till you actually go through thick and thin that you learn you can rely on yourself and be vulnerable enough to rely on someone else. My suggestion to you is – go ahead and flip that script on yourself… It’s time. What could be concentrating on besides finding a man right now? This time as hard as I know it is- cause I’ve been there- is a blessing. You get reestablish yourself. You get rid yourself of the aspects you don’t like about yourself. And you know what? A really funny thing happens… “gumption,” happens. All the sudden your handling your shit and you project confidence. And men like confidence. There is nothing remotely attractive about some wilting flower who can’t handle herself or her life… And guys put up with it for only so long. You get to right now get strong and confident and very quickly that can change… It’s a mindset. And when you have a really good one you become “fetching.” and not a single MFlucker can touch you! You are now drama free cause you weren’t afraid to address some things about yourself … Ask the questions that most people shy away from asking of themselves… And then balls enough to answer them. Life is challenging – but this is blessed time right now… Being single. Its a growing time – and thats a really good thing. Time to assume the positive- so that you attract a great man. Wake up and say… “he’s on his way!” and then go about your business – he’ll show up. Stop asking “why can’t I find a man” – it’s defeating to your purpose. Define yourself… Define your standards … Then have gumption to stick to it. You can do this. You obviously want to be proactive in your life and thought process otherwise you would nit have asked that question. That in itself tells me you are deeper than most. And men want a GENUINE – AUTHENTIC woman… Because they crave someone who believes in them and they will be more apt to believe it – if you believe it about yourself first.

    This is bistysix !   

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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